Guy Sebastian praised for 'inspiring' act during The Voice audition

Guy Sebastian was overcome with emotion on Tuesday when a contestant sang one of his songs and dedicated it to her disabled brother.

Alisha George, 19, auditioned for The Voice with a heartfelt rendition of Standing With You by Guy Sebastian.

Alisha George, The Voice contestant, is pictured singing into a microphone. She wears jeans with an orange and white floral top.
Alisha George poured her heart out on The Voice with her rendition of Standing With You by Guy Sebastian. Photo: Seven

The coaches could feel the emotion in Alisha’s voice, so Guy asked her why she chose that particular song and what it meant to her.

Gesturing to her family, she began, “That’s my brother there, Anthony".

“When I sing, I feel like a sister. He does have Down syndrome and he’s non-verbal, and the song you wrote, it really speaks to me, and it’s something we can share with each other, and I just really appreciate that,” she explained.

Guy was blown away by how much the song meant to Alisha, letting her know that as an artist, this was why he writes music.

“We write songs and they mean a certain something to us,” he started.

“My favourite thing is what it becomes for other people. And I just love that music for your family has such a deep purpose."

Guy Sebastian and Alisha George singing on the set of The Voice, Guy is wearing a blue outfit, Alisha is wearing an orange and white floral top with blue jeans.
Guy Sebastian was touched by Alisha's story and went on stage to sing with her. Photo: Seven


The coach asked Alisha if he could join her on stage to sing the song together. Before they started their emotional duet, Guy dedicated the song to Alisha’s brother.

“This one is for you Anthony, from your sister, and a fan of your sister,” he announced.

Coaches Rita Ora, Jess Mauboy and Keith Urban were pictured on the set of The Voice. Rita Ora is wearing purple, Jess Mauboy is hugging contestant Alisha George and wearing a pink outfit, Keith Urban wearing all black.
Coaches Rita Ora, Jess Mauboy and Keith Urban were moved by the duet. Photo: Seven

Anthony danced while the pair sang their emotional duet, while the audience and other coaches were moved to tears.

Rita Ora thanked Alisha for the performance, saying that it was “inspiring” and Jess Mauboy added that it was "magic".

Fans were quick to praise Alisha on Twitter, with one fan writing: "So sweet. We all felt the love with that performance."

"Just when I thought that song could not make me cry anymore, I was wrong!" another added.

"Absolutely beautiful! What a kind and empathetic act," another chimed in.

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