'So unfair': Fans fume as Delta breaks The Voice rules

Penny Burfitt
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The Voice got red hot and roasting on Sunday evening after a controversial move saw Delta Goodrem blasted for ‘cheating’ by fans.

The series may only have kicked off this month, but it has been plagued with controversies and high tensions almost from the get-go.

Last night, Delta Goodrem dived headfirst into the melee with a controversial decision that saw her save two contestants during a battle, a move that may or may not fall within the rules.

Delta divided fans with a controversial decision last night. Photo: Nine

After pairing her contestants Janie Gordon and Matt Evans to battle it out with Taylor Swift’s Lover, the judge was left torn over who to send home.

All out of ‘save’ cards – two cards given to the judges as an option to save an extra contestant when usually one would have to be sent home – Delta pulled aside a producer and proposed keeping both as a single unit.

Delta discussed the controversial move with a producer. Photo: Nine

Yep, she combined the two artists into a duet and offered to take them forward as one, which the pair ultimately decided to do.

Though Janie and Matt were happy with the end result, it was a move that divided fans and had her fellow judges crying cheat.

Judges furious over broken rules

The Judges, especially Guy Sebastian, were flabbergasted. Photo: Nine

Guy seemed a little more annoyed than the others, possibly given the backlash he received for choosing an extra contestant during the Blind Auditions, and then having to send two singers home.

“You’re going to do a Wolf,” he said to Delta after she asked to speak to production.

Wolf was the artist he broke the rules for last week.

“I'm not breaking the rules here like you, Guy,” the Aussie songstress shot back.

After the decision had been made Guy made a pointed remark about bending the rules, while Boy George and Kelly wondered if there were any rules left.

“Are there any rules on this show?” Boy George asked.

“No rules this year!” Kelly Rowland added.

Fans fume over ‘unfair’ decision

Fans were similarly irate, many arguing Delta should have been forced to choose like everyone else.

“This show is so unfair,” one woman argued.

Photo: Twitter

Another agreed that it wasn’t fair for the star to blast Guy’s decision., only to break the rules when it suited her.

Photo: Twitter

Another put the blame on the entire series for disregarding the rules.

Photo: Twitter

Others thought the decision was a sound one, pointing out other single contestants have been combined during battles before, and that the duo were worth the unusual move.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

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