‘Rubbish’: The Voice coaches turn on Guy Sebastian amid backstage row

Drama between The Voice coaches reached boiling point during Monday Night’s episode as the fallout from Kelly Rowland’s walk out continued.

The judges had turned on Guy Sebastian after what they considered an ‘unfair’ battle between competition heavyweight Johnny Manuel and Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Ganburged during Sunday night’s episode.

The Voice coach Guy Sebastian
Guy Sebastian was still in the hot seat. Photo: Channel Nine

Guy labelled Kelly ‘disrespectful’ as she walked off the set frustrated, but Delta Goodrem stood up for her fellow judge saying she was entitled to her opinion.

Delta then went to find Kelly backstage, who said she was prepared to “just let it go.”

After everyone returned to their seats it was little surprise Guy eventually chose Jonny to continue on in the competition, but it was his debrief afterwards with host Renee Bargh that had the other coaches seeing red.

“I felt like it was weird. There was no protest between these guys, they loved the idea (of performing together), they loved the collaboration … It seems like a low blow for drama,” Guy said to Renee in the background.

Guy’s words didn’t set well with his colleagues with Boy George also speaking his mind.

“Can you hear him? He makes it up as he goes along. ‘It’s not a battle, it’s a collaboration’ – it is a battle. This is the battle rounds,” he said.

“It’s just rubbish, what he’s saying. Can you get him back, so we can get on with the show?”

the voice coach kelly rowland walk off
Kelly Rowland stormed off stage at one point. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers seemed firmly on Kelly’s side of the argument with most agreeing Bukhu had been the real loser of the situation.

“Guy is full of sh** here. What he did was 100% unfair. He reduced Bukhu to being a background singer. Honestly very upsetting,” one person wrote.

“What Guy did with Bukhu is so disrespectful!! as Kelly said,” another agreed.

“Guy Sebastian promised not to let Bukhu down and look what he just did. It’s savage to put him up against the best vocalist in the competition, period,” was another comment.

While a fourth said: “After all that, obviously Guy chose Johnny. Feel really bad for Bukhu. I do feel he would go further on a show that Australia’s Got Talent though.”

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