Bonkers moment virgin, 23, has to walk off nude dating show

Viewers have been left gobsmacked after a lethal combination of virginity, vaginas and television were combined, only to explode on popular UK show Naked Attraction this week.

23-year-old Brian Chau Rodriguez, a sommelier and a virgin, decided to sign up to the racy dating show in a bid to kickstart his love life.

Brian, 23, virgin on Naked Attraction sees vaginas for first time, walks off set
Brian was left faint at the sight of female anatomy for the first time. Photo: Channel 4

The controversial show sees a contestant pick their date based purely off physical features.

The lonely heart observes as a string of nude strangers, each standing in a seperate booth, are gradually revealed by a rising blockout screen.


Each time a few extra inches are shown, the contestant has to boot one candidate leaving them with two fully revealed strangers to choose between at the end.

For Brian, it meant seeing a vagina, or rather a wall of vaginas, for the very first time on television.

Unsurprisingly, he sort of freaked out a bit.

Brian, 23, a virgin is nude with two contestants on Naked Attraction
Brian was understandably a bit confronted on the show, but gamely pressed on. Photo: Channel 4

"You okay, Brian?” host Anna Richardson had to ask, as the 23-year-old looked overwhelmed. “You look like you're about to faint, Brian.”

Brian had to turn his back on the admittedly exposed wall before him and leave the set for a moment to collect himself.

“I'm sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment?” he said.

Brian did eventually return and continued with the game. Ultimately, he picked contestant Georgie with whom he shared a first date, but nothing more.

Georgie Brian Naked Attraction virgin date
Brian went on a date with Georgie though the romance did not bloom. Photo: Channel 4

The new TV talent spoke to The Sun in the UK, revealing he felt he ‘grew up’ in the moment he was confronted by the ladies’ intimate parts and has no regrets about being his true, authentic self on the show.

“I feel like I grew up a bit in that moment, seeing vaginas for the first time,” he told the publication, adding that while he remains a virgin, it’s not something he is embarrassed by.

“There is nothing wrong with being a virgin and I'm proud of it,” he said.

“That being said, virginity was never a choice; it just hasn't happened yet!”

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