Today's Karl Stefanovic shock vaccination claim about sister

We’ve all been embarrassed by family at some point or another, but generally speaking, most avoid airing the dirty laundry on national TV.

However, Today host Karl Stefanovic shocked guests and viewers today with a heavy hint his older sister would oppose the COVID-19 vaccine.

Karl Stefanovic Today show sister anti-vax
Karl left guest Sarrah Le Marquand and audiences shocked by his comment about sister Elisa. Photo: Nine

The breakfast show personality was hosting an interview between Labour MP Bill Shorten and Stella magazine’s Sarrah Le Marquand this morning, the trio discussing the promising COVID-19 vaccine being developed when Karl slipped in the family faux pas.

“You’d have the vaccine?” he asked Mr Shorten.


“Yeah sure,” the somewhat perplexed politician responded.

“Absolutely, Karl. Who wouldn't?” Sarah wondered.

Stefanovic family Tom, Elisa, Peter, Karl
Karl let slip that sister Elisa (centre) might oppose the coronavirus vaccine. Photo: Nine

“I think my sister might be one of the people who doesn't,” Karl admitted with an awkward grin, looking down at the desk, to which Mr Shorten couldn’t help but respond: “Oh no.”

“I know,” the journalist responded with a chuckle. “I mean what can you do? Family.”

“Does she get the government payment?” Mr Shorten joked, before predicting Karl was in for a ‘sparkling’ Christmas.

“I’m not sure she watches the Today show,” Karl countered, only for Mr Shorten to predict she might just read about that particular comment.

Bill Shorten Karl Stefanovic Today show vaccine covid-19 comment
The trio were discussing the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine. Photo: Nine

Karl was referring to his older, and only, sister Elisa who is regularly spotted in family snaps with her fellow the Stefanovic siblings Peter, Karl and Tom.

The awkward family slip from Karl was part of a larger discussion about the vaccine which is still in testing stages and is reported to be 90% effective according to early tests.

The vaccine is being developed by international pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, and the Australian government has already ordered 10 million doses.

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