Landlord's 'amazing' Bunnings gesture for coronavirus-hit tenants

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A Victorian landlord has wowed online after her simple but touching gesture to her tenants impacted by the coronavirus lockdown.

While news from the virus can seem bleaker and bleaker with every day that passes, touching gestures and support between neighbours and friends are being celebrated online as one silver lining of the global pandemic.

Image of Bunnings boxes with lollies chips
Annie Frostick surprised her tenants stuck in isolation with a sweet 'survival' pack. Photo: Supplied

A sweet example of neighbourly kindness cropped up in a Bunnings fan page online this week after Victorian landlord Annie Frostick shared the ‘survival’ packs she had put together for her tenants being impacted by the lockdown.

Based in Shepparton in Victoria, which is currently in Stage Three lockdown, Annie told Yahoo Lifestyle four of her six tenants had lost work or had their incomes impacted by the virus, and two were in a 14-day quarantine after coming in contact with a case of COVID-19.


In a bid to show her support, Annie put together a very simple ‘isolation survival kit’ for the block of flats, filling a $4 storage container from Bunnings with treats like Smiths chips, lollies and chocolate.

She also sent each of them a voucher for a local cafe, to use once they were able to leave their flats once more.

She also hopes they will be able to reuse the handy storage boxes as an added bonus.

Online users praise ‘caring’ gesture

Bunninhgs storage box and cafe voucher gifts for tenants from landlord Victoria
Annie also added a voucher for a local cafe to use once their 14-day isolation was up. Photo: Supplied

“It’s not a huge outlay,” she said. “But its the thought that counts.”

It seems most agree with her.

On Facebook, her post attracted 1.6k likes and hundreds of comments celebrating the small act of solidarity.

“So lovely,” one lady wrote.

“I wish every landlord was as caring towards their tenants as you,” another agreed.

“What a great owner!” another agreed. “Need more like you.”

“Very thoughtful of you,” another agreed. “I am sure you will make someone's day.”

“Amazing gesture!” another agreed.

Annie’s tenants are some of many impacted by the ongoing outbreak in Victoria, with cases rising on Wednesday and a further six deaths announced.

The Department of Health and Human Services reported 90 new cases on September 2, up from 70 on the first of the month, though with cases staying below 100 for three consecutive days officials are calling it a stabilisation.

“There is a stabilisation in the numbers,” Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told reporters, noting Wednesday has traditionally been a day of elevated infections.

The state’s death toll now stands at 576 while there are 683 deaths nationally from COVID-19.

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