''This is amazing!': 'Adorable' coronavirus birthday trend goes viral

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A new trend is seeing communities drive-by homes to celebrate kid's birthdays. Photo: Facebook

A heartwarming new way of celebrating birthdays is blowing up online after a number of parents decided self-isolation wasn’t going to stop their kid’s from feeling the love.

Sweet videos of communities organising ‘birthday caravans’ are going viral all over the world, and for good reason.

The new trend sees communities decorate their cars with balloons and banners, and drive by the birthday boy or girl’s home, honking and celebrating from a safe distance.

Delighted kids reactions are reducing a number of people to tears, as yet another example of remarkable community spirit bolsters morale in uncertain times.

One little boy in Perth got an incredible display put on for him.

7 News Perth reports three-year-old was treated to such an extravagant display, it caused a traffic jam up his suburban street.

Louie from Perth celebrated his third birthday with the help of some friends. Photo: 7 News Perth

“It’s a little emotional,” Louie’s mum told the cameras, describing the experience as ‘awesome’.

In the US a little girl named Piper was also treated to an incredible turnout from her town, as she greeted passing cars in a party hat.

Some threw presents and lollies out, while others just yelled well wishes from cars.

Other examples have come from Ireland, other states in the US, and more in Australia.

One little girl in the US was also treated to the heartwarming display. Photo: Facebook

In perhaps the most adorable moment of all, one little girl was surprised by a convoy of delivery trucks organised by her dad, to deliver her gift after her party was cancelled as part of coronavirus social distancing measures.

It’s another example of how communities are rallying around their neighbours under the pandemic.

Last week WA woman Joann Smolders discovered a surprise envelope left by a stranger with $100 to help her get through her self-isolation period.

Joann told Yahoo Lifestyle the gesture was particularly special to her, as a medical condition has left her in self-isolation under the coronavirus pandemic and unable to work.

Earlier in March, a Texan restaurant was floored by a $16,000 tip left by a customer, designed to help staff through the closure period.

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