US TikToker reveals 'culture shocks' she had after moving to Australia

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A teacher from the US has taken to TikTok to reveal the slang words she’s had to learn while working as a teacher in Australia.

23-year-old teacher Kaymie Wuerfel said she got a ‘culture shock’ after her move Down Under after she heard terms such as ‘chucking a sickie’ and ‘Slip-Slop-Slap’.

@kayywuerf TikTok
A US woman has revealed the biggest 'culture shocks' since she moved to Australia. Photo: TikTok/@kayywuerf

Taking to her TikTok, Kaymie has uploaded a number of hilarious videos of her experience working in an Australian school.

In one video she reveals she was asked by one of the kids for a Zooper Dooper, with the teacher looking confused as she tried to figure out what it was.


In another, she explains how she was on ‘yard duty’ one day when a child said to her: “Mary won’t share her Fairy Bread”.

@kayywuerf TikTok on moving to Australia
Terms such as ‘chucking a sickie’ and ‘Slip-Slop-Slap’ baffled the America.Photo: TikTok/@kayywuerf

A third video shows Kaymie revealing her horror the first time she heard one of the other teachers ask the students to bring ‘thongs’ to school.

“Teacher: Okay kids, remember to bring your thongs tomorrow for the beach,” the teacher says, with Kaymie looking shocked.

 @kayywuerf video on Zooper Doopers
She had o idea what a Zooper Dooper was. Photo: TikTok/@kayywuerf

In a similar scenario, Kaymie was dumbstruck when a child came up to her desk asking if she could borrow a rubber, with the teacher only realising what she meant when she told her it was to erase pencil from her copybook.

Kaymie also documents her general day-to-day life living in Australia as an American woman, uploading a funny video about shopping for groceries, where she tries to explain to an Australian worker what a bell pepper is, with the supermarket worker finally realising she means a capsicum.

The US teacher’s videos are part of a growing trend on TikTok of people revealing the biggest culture shocks they experience moving overseas.

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