Traveller shocked by passenger's rude plane act: 'No right to do this'

A traveller has taken to Reddit to share their surprise at a fellow passenger's rude plane act, leaving their fellow Reddit users shocked. The user, who goes by u/DriveFearless on the website, posted in the MildlyInfuriating subreddit, writing, "Woman in front of me put some seat attachment which prevents me from opening my tray table," alongside a photo of two sets of buckles covering up their tray table.

Many Reddit users shared their shock and suggestions on how to get around the situation, with one user simply writing, "Good thing the buckle is right in front of you so you can [unclip] it and put your tray down."

traveller shares predicament on Reddit
A traveller has taken to Reddit to share their surprise at a fellow passenger's rude plane act, leaving social media users shocked. Photo: Reddit

Another user replied, "Unbuckling that will be super easy, barely an inconvenience! What about dealing with the mega Karen on the other side of the seat?"

"[Unbuckle] it. The opening is on your side," another said. "She has no right to do this. If not call the [cabin crew member] and he will kindly ask her to remove it."

"Let the air marshal deal with it if they start s**t," someone else suggested.


"Unclip it. You paid for that space on the plane, you can use that space," another said. "If she has a problem with it, politely remind her that plane tickets are expensive and that she is using space she did not pay for."

"I’ve used a 5 point harness system for my toddler on a plane that clips around the seat like this, but you’re supposed to ask the person behind you if they mind you clipping it behind the tray table so it doesn’t interfere with them in any way lol," one user offered as an explanation for the clips. "Pretty sure that’s what this is."

Others suggested it's for lumbar support, with one user writing, "It's likely a lumbar support, I have a very similar thing in my office chair, but it sits pretty fine without having to clip it tbh."

Some defended the woman in front, with one user telling the poster, "Let her know what she did, she probably doesn’t realise it. Then let her know you are going to undo it. Drop your tray table and then clip it back around the seat and close your tray table. Problem solved!"


"She might be a human. Try talking to her. That often works," another sarcastically added.

"Yeah, I would have that fixed in about three seconds," a third said.

How would you have dealt with this?

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