Passenger slammed for 'dirty' plane act: 'Would make me gag'

A plane passenger has been dragged online after a photo emerged of their "dirty" act mid-flight.

A photo posted to Reddit from a domestic flight in Vietnam sparked outrage after a woman in the row behind was seen extending her leg on the armrest between the seats and the side of the plane, exposing her "dirty" barefoot to those seated in front.

The Redditor who posted the photo said they were sitting in the middle seat in the row in front, adding the foot was "a bit dirty".

"The foot started out at the rear of the armrest and by the end of the flight it was fully extended, maybe she had fallen asleep at that point," the poster added.

A foot is seen extended on the armrest of the seat in front on a plane.
The plane passenger was slammed for their 'dirty' act. Source: Reddit

People were appalled by the passenger's act and flocked to the comments to express their outrage.

"That’s disgusting," one said on the post.

"I have a major aversion to feet and this would make me gag," another commented.

"That's full-on disgusting, disrespectful, and gross," a third claimed.

Other Redditors shared their suggestions on how to deal with the unwelcome foot.


"I fly a lot and this is more common than you'd think. Two things that work well are sneezing on them, or if you can't work up a sneeze then roll a napkin up and tickle them with the point," one commented.

"First one works best. Second one actually got me into an argument once, they didn't have a good sense of humour ... But luckily a flight attendant came over and told them to keep their feet in their own area."

"Tickle it," another suggested.

"Grab a fork and start scraping their foot," somebody else offered.

It comes just weeks after a different plane passenger's act went viral, with a woman seen using her tray table as a footrest for her barefoot.

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