Pete Evans hits back at top doctor’s concerns for his mental health

Pete Evans has hit out at Dr Harry Nespolan, president of the Royal Australian College of GPs, who expressed his fears for the chef following his baffling social media posts about coronavirus.

Pete recently took to Instagram to share a number of bizarre coronavirus conspiracy theories, with one suggesting the pandemic was really a cover up for "executions".

Pete Evans poses for selfie
A top Aussie doctor has urged Pete Evans to get help following his baffling coronavirus rant. Photo: Instagram/Pete Evans

One post he shared said: "Soon you will hear about certain high profile people (celebrities, politicians, executives, elite, billionaires) having CV [coronavirus]. Here are some code words to look out for."

The post then described a series of "code words" that related to coronavirus which he suggested people watch out for.

Pete Evans shared a bizarre post about the coronavirus pandemic
Pete Evans shared a bizarre post about how the coronavirus pandemic was a cover-up for executions. Photo: Instagram/Pete Evans

“Tested positive for CV = they confessed and taking a deal, their execution will be out of the public eye. Execution will be portrayed as a suicide or some sort of accidental death ... pay very close attention for these code words in the media,” it said.

While appearing on 2GB with Ben Fordham on Tuesday, Dr Nespolan said: "I'd really be a little bit keen to make sure that Pete is actually with his family or with someone else."

"If he really is in trouble, dare I say, he should make an appointment with his GP and I'm really quite serious about that."

It comes after Channel 7 and Pete reached a mutual decision to end their partnership of over a decade. Pete was reportedly earning $800,000 a year for hosting My Kitchen Rules.

The celebrity chef was also recently fined $25,200 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration after he spruiked a $15,000 lamp as a potential coronavirus treatment online.

"It doesn’t matter what he has done in the past, it really is important that we do take care of him and that we reach out to him if there is a problem," Dr Nespolan said.

"He has just lost his job, or he has resigned from his job. That is a very stressful thing to have happened.

"I don’t know Pete Evans, I don’t know his family so this is just pure speculation but it really is one of the oddest things I have ever read."

Dr Nespolan also warned Australians against taking medical advice from anyone who is not a medical professional.

"If people actually follow what he has been promoting in the past - look for activated almonds it really doesn't matter - but when it comes to giving people the view that they might be protected from the COVID-19 virus that can potentially be a real problem," he said.

Pete has since responded to Dr Nespolan on Facebook saying, “Thank you to this doctor, and for his concern for my well-being. For the record, I am extremely happy, content and enjoying life, like I always do, and I have the most robust health (physical, emotional and spiritual) ever at the age of almost 47 years, and currently do not take any medications/pharmaceuticals.

“I send love and light to all the wonderful doctors and health workers out there, that are helping people achieve long term sustainable health. I have some wonderful friends that are great integrative/functional medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths, so if I ever need any ‘help’, I know who to go and see. These health professionals, have furthered their education to look at the patient as whole, and to help find the root cause of disease, and for that, I am extremely grateful for their dedication to the Hippocratic oath.”

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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