'Profoundly dangerous': Pete Evans' wife Nicola caught spruiking 'hoax' messaging

On the very same day Pete Evans was slapped with a $25k fine for promoting a bogus coronavirus treatment, his wife Nicola Robinson Evans has been seen publicising a website that claims the virus is a hoax.

The Byron Bay resident took to her Instagram Stories with a post promoting the website ‘Questioning Covid’, which claims to ‘interrogate the mainstream narrative around the pandemic’.

Pete Evans and his wife Nicola Robinson Evans
Pete Evans and his wife Nicola Robinson Evans have both publicly questioned Western medicine. Source: Diimex

It goes on to say that modern medicine’s understanding and research of the current coronavirus pandemic “has been leveraged as an instrument for geopolitical and social control – largely in the form of a vaccination agenda – to subdue the populace through coerced and forced bodily penetration and associated disability, mortality, and surveillance”.

In other words, Nicola Robinson Evans is sharing posts supporting the view that not only are diseases not caused by germs, but that the entire coronavirus pandemic is some kind of global government conspiracy.

Physician and broadcaster Dr Norman Swan said ‘fringe’ ideas around medicine are not only fraudulent, but “profoundly dangerous”.

“People who promote these fringe ideas, and they are fringe, are contradicting a century and a half of science,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They have a philosophy in their mind that the world is a wonderful place and you don’t need medicines to interfere.

“To even engage in this conversation is ridiculous. It’s proven without any doubt that germs cause disease.”

Dr Norman Swan Picture: ABC
Dr Norman Swan describes anti-science thinking around coronavirus as 'profoundly dangerous'. Picture: ABC

It wasn’t the only time this week that Nicola reminded her fans of her sceptical stance.

The same day, she also promoted Duck Duck Go, one of few search engines that allows information about the so-called ‘coronavirus hoax’ to surface.

On that post, a follower questioned Nicola’s ability to use ‘critical thinking’.

“I'm all for freedom to research but I am also a fan of critical thinking,” the follower commented.

“Don't believe all you read no matter through source. It needs to be backed by good research and proven facts.”

Nicola Robinson Evans advises fans to use alternative search engines and describes herself as a 'prolific researcher'. Source: Instagram
Nicola Robinson Evans advises fans to use alternative search engines and describes herself as a 'prolific researcher'. Source: Instagram

Nicola replied, calling herself a ‘prolific researcher’ and explaining she uses her ‘intuition’ to make assessments on health and science.

“True! I put a question mark next to absolutely everything,” she responded.

“I’ve been a prolific researcher for the last thirteen years... it’s a craft that you cultivate with practice. My intuition is also a guiding light for me. I don’t follow the rules of right or wrong either & nor do I judge, some things resonate & some things don’t & that’s my perception, from my experience, so I never expect anyone else to see things how I do.

“We’re sovereign beings & we have every right to explore & educate ourselves without running into others restrictions or bias.”

She later mentioned that Duck Duck Go is her “current favourite search engine to seek expanded perspectives!!!”

Nicola posted this to her Instagram Stories, promoting a website that claims COVID-19 is part of a grand global conspiracy. Picture: Instagram
Nicola posted this to her Instagram Stories, promoting a website that claims COVID-19 is part of a grand global conspiracy. Picture: Instagram

Dr Swan, who hosts the ABC’s Coronacast podcast, said the notion that there are always two sides to a story is fundamentally wrong.

“The belief there’s two sides to a story, that’s not true,” he said.

“The Earth is round, the sun comes up every morning. Some things are just fact.

“It’s just a fact that this disease is a virus.”

He added that anti-vaccination supporters frequently subscribe to unorthodox ideas about COVID-19.

“The towering and profoundly dangerous approach of the same people who argue this, is their opposition to vaccines,” Swan said.

“If they are right and you go back to a pre-medicine era, then we should have lived long, healthy lives, because we weren’t tainted by vaccines.

“That’s when life expectancy was 35-40. When women died in childbirth and babies didn’t survive into adolescence.”

In fact, in developed nations life expectancy has steadily risen for some time.

“What they forget is that life expectancy has increased year in and year out since the 19th century,” he explained.

“One of the core reasons is that we have, at least in part, conquered infectious disease.”

And Dr Swan drew a stark picture of the reality currently facing all of us, even those who fail to accept the validity of modern medicine.

“I’m not sure whether people think it’s natural to get infected with diptheria germs or for babies to die of measles complications,” he said.

“Here we are facing the worst pandemic in many many years, there’s no vaccine yet, no treatment and people are dying.

“There are not two sides to this story. What will get us out of it is our knowledge of the immune system.”

Illustrative vial of coronavirus vaccine
We don't yet have a vaccine for COVID-19. Picture: Getty

Yahoo Lifestyle contacted Nicola Robinson Evans for comment however at time of publication she had not replied.

We also contacted Pete’s former partner, and mother of his two daughters Chilli and Indii, Astrid Edlinger, for comment.

“I probably shouldn’t comment,” she said.

“He’s an awesome father and a very good friend of mine, and I love them both.”

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