Woman 'too hot to work' after $135k 'Barbie' surgery

A woman whose ex-husband spent over $135,000 on her surgery says she can't get a regular job because men can't behave around a 'hot girl' like her.

22-year-old model, Barbara Luna Sipos from Budapest, Hungary, says her obsession with the ‘Barbie look’ started as a child when she fell in love with her Barbie doll’s pretty look, dreaming of becoming a fantasy human doll one day.

Barbara poses in Barbie t-shirt with Barbie cosmetic surgery
Barbara fell in love with Barbie as a child and wanted to be just like the doll. Photo: Media Drum World/australscope

“I always wanted to look like a fantasy character or a human doll,” said Barbara. “My first childhood memory is playing with Barbie dolls and I started my ‘dollification’ at the age of seventeen.”

Barbara underwent her first cosmetic procedure, a breast augmentation, as a teenager and was instantly hooked on the results.

Since then, she has undergone 10 surgeries, going from a breast size 34B to a 34F and she is much happier than before her surgery, admitting that she was never ugly but did not feel complete with her look previously.

Barbara quite work after driving men ‘crazy’

Barbara poses in leopard-print lingerie says she was 'too hot' for work after $135,000 worth of plastic surgery
Barbara had to leave the traditional workforce, saying she was 'too hot' for office work. Photo: Media Drum World/australscope

Barbara, who now works as a web model, used to be a receptionist but says she had to quit her job because her aura and charisma drove men ‘crazy’.

“So I realised that this kind of work was not for me because I live in a society where a very attractive woman doesn’t have many options to keep her job or gain a higher position without giving men sex – which I didn’t want,” she says.

“It is because we still live in a patriarchal society, like it or not.”

She says shortly after quitting the workforce, she met her ex-husband in August 2016 and embarked on a short but intense relationship which lasted just two years, during which Barbara underwent an estimated $135,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

Barbara says her ex loved the doll look just as much as her and paid for most of her cosmetic surgeries.

Barbara’s $135k plastic surgery list

Hungarian 'Barbie' Barbara Luna Sipos  poses in rainbow dress with $135k worth of plastic surgery
Barbara says after two boob jobs and two nose jobs she was well on her way to Barbie status. Photo: Media Drum World/australscope

Barbara had two breast augmentations for around $19,000 and two rhinoplasties for approximately $16,000.

She also had a string of smaller operations including a v-line chin and jaw reduction and a Barbie forehead surgery each costing $16,000.

She also had a browlift for $6,500, a lip lift for $3,000, lip filler treatments for $8,000, a Brazilian butt lift for just under $10,000 and even vagina surgery for around $7000.

All together she estimates she spent $134,800 on the procedures.

The staggering list of surgeries have left the 22-year-old with a distinctly ‘Barbie’ look she says helps her attract men, a boon as she searches for her ‘forever husband’ following her divorce in November 2019.

Downsides of her plastic look mean that it’s sometimes hard for people to take her seriously but Barbara hopes by sharing her story she can show the world that she is not dumb.

“Men love my look,” she says. “Some closed-minded men who aren’t self-confident don't want to date me which is fine.”

“I like open-minded people and I like to impress them and show them that I am not just a brainless bimbo but it is hard for me to make people take me seriously.”

These days she is keeping 6000 Instagram followers entertained with her sultry snaps posted to her account @baedollbarbie.

She says she has no plan to slow down the surgeries, with a third rhinoplasty, rib removal surgery and butt injections on the cards in the near future.

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