Today fans concerned for Karl after cryptic photo: 'What happened?'

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Today fans have a lot of questions after the breakfast program posted a cryptic photo on Instagram that had been snapped without host Karl Stefanovic.

The photo featured presenters Brooke Boney, Tim Davies, Charles Croucher, Allison Langdon, Christine Ahern and Alex Cullen sitting in the Today studio.

While Karl didn't join them on the couch, he was photoshopped into the photo, sitting on the coffee table.

"Squad in studio, don't worry Karl we didn't forget you," the caption said.

Today presenters in the studio.
Today raised questions after photoshopping Karl Stefanovic into this photo. Source: Instagram

Fans were curious as to why Karl had been seemingly absent from Today this week.

"Where is Karl? Is he coming back on the Today show?" one viewer questioned.

"Where is Karl what happened to him?" another said.

"Is Karl finished?" a third wondered.


Today's publicist assures Yahoo Lifestyle that the star hasn't departed the show for good, saying: "Karl is on annual leave enjoying a much-deserved holiday, and will be back on board in the coming weeks."

This isn't the first time Karl has gone missing, as he briefly disappeared from the program last month after he was unwell.

“Our top story is the reason why Karl has not turned up to work this morning, we have decided,” Allison joked.

"Sadly, he is at home sick."

It came days after Karl described the scary moment his daughter Harper was rushed to hospital after noticing she had a "small cough and a sniffle".

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon hosting the Today show.
Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon co-host Today. Source: Nine

The Today host experienced what thousands of Aussie parents have been going through in recent months with an influx of respiratory illnesses overcoming kids, including influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Explaining the situation to Allison, he recounted how terrifying it was.

"She just had a sniffle and a small cough and within six hours we had her at the GP, then within half an hour she was in an ambulance going to the hospital.”

The star said that Harper’s heart rate went over 200, and her temperature was over 40 degrees.

"It was only because of a great GP who was able to get on top of it, put her straight in the ambulance and straight to the hospital," he said, adding that she stayed overnight for observation.

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