Today show's Karl Stefanovic on 'humiliating' TV moment

Seasoned presenter Karl Stefanovic is certainly no stranger to being on television, but the Today show host has admitted he found his latest gig extremely "nerve-wracking" and even "humiliating".

Karl was a guest on The Hundred with Andy Lee on Tuesday night, joining comedians Mike Goldstein and Becky Lucas in the guessing game about Australian statistics.

today show host Karl Stefanovic
Karl Stefanovic called his latest tv gig 'humiliating'. Photo: Getty

"To go on this show where it's all about how funny you are, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park for me, but in fact it was disgracefully not so," Karl told 9Entertainment.

"It was very unfunny, very awkward, very humiliating, but I guess very wonderful for the viewer to watch it all unfold."


He went on to say it was very "intimidating" trying to be funny when you're up against actual comedians.

"I think I got intimidated and started going to water, and then started making stupid gags about everything, and I couldn't hold it together," he said, with nerves seeing him yell out "vibrator" for an answer to one of the questions.

Karl stefanovic on The Hundred with Andy Lee
Karl was a guest on The Hundred with Andy Lee. Photo: Channel Nine
Karl stefanovic with comedians Mike Goldstein and Becky Lucas
Karl was on the panel with comedians Mike Goldstein and Becky Lucas. Photo: Channel Nine

"It was like humiliating. It's something I will never do again," Karl said.

Even before the show aired, host Andy Lee told Today Extra he was "a bit worried for Karl".

"It turned into a roasting," he said. "I think he came out of the blocks trying a bit hard but he found his groove and he got his own back. He did a bloody good job."

During the show Karl also took the opportunity to take a cheeky swipe at his Today co-host Allison Langdon.

He was asked by Andy: "What's the thing you dislike the most about your job?"

"I don't really like my co-host. Ally's a punish," Karl joked, before saying the 3:30am wake ups were difficult.

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