Today's Karl Stefanovic shocks with X-rated joke about Allison Langdon

They’re known for their playful relationship on set and on Wednesday morning, Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon were left in tears of laughter after an X-rated joke.

It all happened during an interview sports reporter Alex Cullen was doing with NRL star Steve Menzies, who is often known by his nickman, ‘Beaver’.

Allison Langdon in purple on the Today Show
Allison Langdon was left in stitches after Karl's joke on The Today show. Photo: The Today Show

However, the hosts didn’t miss out on the opportunity to embarrass Ally, with Alex saying: “I've just been told Ally had a high school crush on you, Steve Menzies.”

Karl immediately sprung to action, laughing and saying: “Yes, that's it!”


Ally looked a bit awkward as she said: “I don't know if I'm over that crush, if I'm honest.'

'I've always loved Beaver. He's the best player and he's such a gentleman.”

Sports presenter Alex looks puzzled by Ally’s response, saying: “Beaver?”

“It's his nickname!' Allison laughed. “Anyway, very nice to see you, Steve. I'm a little bit flushed!”

47-year-old Karl Stefanovic burst into laughter, saying: “'Ally's always loved Beaver! That's quite the admission!”

Ally couldn’t help laughing and saying: “Only Karl would go there. Keep it together, gentlemen!”.

The moment comes after things got a bit frosty between Karl and Ally last week during a segment on Prince Philip's will, which is set to remain secret for 90 years to protect the "dignity" of the Queen.

Speaking on the Today show, Ally Langdon questioned: “What’s in the will that the Queen doesn’t want to see?”

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon on the Today Show
Karl couldn't control the laughs on the Morning show. Photo: The Today Show

Brooke Boney and Ally Langdon both asked why the Queen would need to be protected from members of the public seeing the will.

“It means that he’s got 10 other kids to another person,” Karl jokingly replied, with the couch all laughing.

“We were all thinking it but none of us wanted to say that out loud,” Ally responded.

Karl continued: “I don’t think he can sue me. You can’t sue when you’re dead can you?”

Ally wasn’t impressed with Karl, looking at him sternly and saying: “Karl. Unnecessary.”

Brooke Boney looked awkward as she said: “Ooh spicy. Mum and dad.”

Karl looked shocked as he asked Ally: “What? Say my name, say my name.”

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