Today viewers confused by detail in Olivia Newton-John tribute

Today has been trolled on TikTok after fans spotted a bizarre detail in a tribute to Olivia Newton-John who died aged 73.

Presenter Christine Ahern was sharing a tribute to Olivia Newton-John that said, "Rest in peace to an icon – you will be missed Olivia Newton-John".

She added the tribute was from Rick James, however the singer died in 2004.

Christine Ahern shares a tribute to Olivia Newton-John on Today.
Today was roasted after sharing a tweet from Rick James. Source: TikTok

The tribute was posted to a verified Twitter account under the name of Rick James.

On August 6 the account shared a tribute to Rick James himself, marking 18 years since his death.

The gaffe was called out on TikTok, with many trolling Today for sharing the tweet.


"Bro died like 18 years ago," one commented.

"Yeah was probably his social media account but definitely should have checked that one," another said.

"Maybe in heaven they got Twitter now," a third mocked.

Others left several shocked emojis on the TikTok while another said "I'm laughing so hard".

Today star's X-rated gaffe

It comes after Today entertainment reporter Brooke Boney was left red-faced by an accidental slip of the tongue.

The presenter was reporting on Justin Bieber's tour to Australia later in the year following his Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis when she called him a "sex-sation" rather than a "sensation".

Host Allison Langdon could be heard yelling, "Oh!", while Brooke attempted to go on.

However, she struggled to hold it together as she laughed through the rest of her report.

Following the gaffe, Allison asked the entertainment journalist to explain what happened.

"I'm just trying to get you to explain what you said a little earlier when you called him a sex-sation," the host said.

Brooke, clearly embarrassed by the slip-up, denied saying it.

"Singing sensation," she reiterated. "You guys must have misheard me."

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