Today's Karl Stefanovic hits back at 'flatulence' rumour on air

Today’s Karl Stefanovic has been the subject of many a rumour over the span of his career, but perhaps none have left the host quite so red-faced as one brought up by co-host Allison Langdon on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday.

Appearing on a segment of the popular, if divisive, radio show from KIIS FM, the duo had a lively chat with hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O where Ally was asked to spill on any rumours she had heard about Karl before she started working alongside him in January.

Today show's Karl Stefanovic embarrassed by fart comment on Kyle and Jackie O from Ally Langdon
Karl was hung out to dry on Kyle and Jackie O with an embarrassing comment from his co-host. Photo: Nine

Kyle asked Karl what he thought the answer would be, to which Karl joked that she knew he and Kyle were ‘gay’, and to which Kyle responded that she may have heard ’small penis rumours’.

The eyebrow-raising responses from the two men were somewhat overshadowed when Ally revealed the real schoolyard insult that had preceded Karl – that he struggles with flatulence.

What’s more, she said it was true.

The hilarious admission kicked off a fiery debate between the pair, with Karl strongly reacting to his co-host’s claim.

Allison Langdon says Karl Stefanovic struggles with flatulence on Today
Ally left Karl red-faced with a characteristically savage dig. Photo: Nine

“What the hell!” he fired back. “That is bulls**t! I do not ever fart!”

He then went on to launch a counter-attack.


“You’re the one who farted that time,” he said to Ally, who reacted almost as strongly as Karl to the claim.

Karl went on to tease his co-host, claiming she had confided in him that ‘one had just slipped out’ during a live segment, a claim she strenuously denied.

The pair are known for their brutal but well-intentioned swipes at one another live on their own program at Channel Nine, but the radio show proved a new battleground for the seasoned journalists.

Ally didn’t mind including a gentle dig at Karl when photos of his brand new baby daughter Harper were shared on the show back in May.

She also didn’t shy away from teasing her co-host about his infamous appearance on the show following the 2009 Logies.

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