Jamie Oliver baffled by iconic Australian treat on Today: 'What is it?'

'It sounds like some terrible rash.'

He’s made regular visits to Australia over the past two decades, but it turns out Jamie Oliver has never tried one of the country’s most iconic treats before.

The British chef left Today presenter Sarah Stewart baffled on Friday when he admitted he had no idea what a Tim Tam was after being asked to choose between the chocolate biscuit and Vegemite toast.

Today's Sarah Stewart looking shocked / Jamie Oliver looking confused.
Jamie Oliver admitted on Today that he had no idea what a Tim Tam was. Photos: Channel Nine

“What’s that in English? What did you just say?” he asked Sarah, who repeated the question.

“What’s a Tim Tam?” Jamie replied. “What is it? It sounds like some terrible rash.”


Sarah, who appeared gobsmacked that Jamie had never heard of the biscuit let alone tried it before, then presented him with a packet of Tim Tams.

“This is the moment of truth, this thing that I’ve never had before,” he said before biting into one.

“Very very nice, you’ve educated me. I will never forget this moment.”

Today's Sarah Stewart and Jamie Oliver eating a Tim Tam.
After eating a Tim Tam, Jamie said it was ‘very very nice’. Photo: Channel Nine

Elsewhere in the interview, Jamie was asked to choose between Prince William and Prince Harry.

“What are you trying to do, get me kicked out of my own [country]?” he responded. “If you asked me that question with an Australian visa I’ll answer it.

“They won’t let me back in! I know they seem all polite, but at the border control they’re proper serious.”


The celebrity chef recently visited Australia to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises.

During his visit, he also joined former MasterChef judge Melissa Leong for a special ‘In Conversation’ event at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday.

His trip Down Under coincided with the upcoming sixteenth season of MasterChef going into production, which suggests he may make a cameo appearance on the reality show next year.

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