Today host Karl Stefanovic walks off set after prank goes wrong

Today show host Karl Stefanovic was left so rattled after a prank during Tuesday morning's breakfast program he ended up walking off the set during the live broadcast.

He and co-host Allison Langdon had just wrapped up an interview with snake wrangler Stuart McKenzie, when weatherman Tim Davies decided to sneak up behind the couch to scare Karl.

today show karl stefanovic prank
Karl jumped out of his skin when Tim Davies scared him. Photo: Channel 9

The 47-year-old presenter jumped out of his skin, before throwing one of the couch pillows at Tim, while Allison and everyone else on set burst into laughter.

But then Karl got up and walked off the set, as cameras followed him making his way back through the Channel Nine offices.

"That's the best. He is proper mad with you Tim," Allison said.


today show karl stefanovic walks off set
Allison Langdon said Karl was 'proper mad' as he walked off set. Photo: Channel 9

"You need to note the moment that the team fell apart," she added.

To which Tim replied: "I've never actually seen that look in his eyes before."

Ally then explained Karl has a "real issue" with snakes.

"You can't do that when he is talking about snakes," she added.

The moment comes after Karl Stefanovic had already experienced technical difficulties last week, when his ear piece stopped working.

"I have a few issues this morning just from a technological point of view and my mind is really not working," Karl responded, before joking he was trying to "listen to the Dapto races".

As his co-hosts started to laugh over the awkward moment, Karl assured them: "I will have it rectified in the next fifteen minutes."

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