Tim Robards calls out SAS Australia for 'editing out' major storyline

'They cut so many things.'

Tim Robards has revealed he suffered “a pretty serious injury” while filming this year’s season of SAS Australia which was never shown on TV.

The former Bachelor star, who was one of the two celebrity recruits to pass selection on the quasi-military training programme, says he injured his leg during one of the gruelling tasks and was “disappointed” viewers never saw it on-air.

SAS Australia's Tim Robards, Ant Middleton and Mathew Mitcham.
Tim Robards says he was ‘disappointed’ his leg injury wasn’t shown on SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

“I felt like in the series, they didn't really show a lot of my journey,” he told Daily Mail. “One big part on episode eight, I actually saw my doctor... I tore my abductor.”

“It was a pretty serious injury and they never showed it. They didn't make it part of my storyline, which was disappointing as that was a big part of my journey.”

“It gave jeopardy to whether I would get through and I think a lot of people at the end were thinking I looked like the fittest guy that was left, so I'd probably get through, but I was actually struggling so much underneath and none of it came easy to me.”


The 41-year-old added that the injury caused him to suddenly “drop back” from his fellow competitors as he struggled to continue the course with a limp.

“It was so painful to push through,” he continued. “I had to go and see the doctor and he said I had partially torn it and it could come all the way off, but it’s up to me whether I want to keep going.

“They knock back the severity of just how hard that show is. They cut out so many things.”

SAS Australia's Tim Robards.
‘They knock back the severity of just how hard that show is.’ Photo: Channel Seven

Tim's private health battle

This comes shortly after Tim revealed that he was experiencing chronic pain before filming SAS Australia which almost impacted his journey on the show.

“My back is screwed, and just before going on the show, I went through three months of double-strength antibiotic treatment for a suspected spinal infection,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Despite his injury, Tim made it the whole way through the course alongside Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham.

His appearance on the show came one year after his wife Anna Heinrich, whom he met while filming the very first season of The Bachelor in 2013, competed on the show.

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