SAS Australia's Tim Robards reveals private health battle

The condition could've seen his SAS Australia journey turn out very differently.

He emerged triumphant in this year's SAS Australia, but former Bachelor Tim Robards has revealed that he was battling a spinal infection prior to filming the show.

Tim, who alongside Matthew Mitcham was successful in passing the selection criteria in Wednesday night's finale, opened up about the chronic pain he's been in that could've nearly impacted his journey on the show.

“My back is screwed, and just before going on the show, I went through three months of double-strength antibiotic treatment for a suspected spinal infection,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

The pain he was in impacted his ability to father his daughter Elle.

“I struggle to bend down and pick up Elle’s stuff off the ground,” Tim said. “I struggle to bend down and give her a hug. It is hard work.”

Tim Robards and his daughter Elle
Tim Robards and his daughter Elle. Photo:

Tim's SAS success

Despite his pain, Tim managed to be one of two recruits who made it the whole way through the SAS Australia course.


Tim was thrilled to have completed the course, saying he was excited to tell his wife Anna Heinrich who competed in the 2022 season.

Tim Robards and Matthew Mitcham and Ant Middleton of SAS Australia
Tim Robards and Matthew Mitcham emerged victorious in the SAS Australia finale. Photo: Seven

“It was hard work. So many times you just want to stop, and you want to quit, and you’ve just gotta keep pushing and pushing. I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her that I made it," Tim said.

Tim and Anna, who met on the very first season of The Bachelor in 2013, are expecting their second child in 2024.

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