SAS Australia: Anna Heinrich's cheeky jab at Tim Robards after gruelling TV show win

Anna Heinrich brought Tim Robards back down to earth with one sentence.

Anna Heinrich has taken a funny jab at her husband, Tim Robards, after he passed selection on SAS Australia last night.

The couple, who met on The Bachelor in 2013, have now both taken part in the tough Channel Seven reality TV show, and while Tim may have won, Anna reminded him that despite voluntarily withdrawing from the course last year after 11 episodes, she still lasted longer than her husband, who survived ten episodes of the show.

“PROUD wife moment. I know firsthand just how hard this selection process is. It's not just about the challenges you see on the show, but also the mental and physical obstacles that are hidden behind the scenes,” Anna wrote on Instagram.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich
Tim Robards may have won SAS Australia but it didn't take long for wife, Anna Heinrich, to bring him back down to earth. Photo: Instagram/Anna Heinrich

She continued: “Waking up every morning, wondering how you'll tackle yet another challenge, takes immense strength and determination. The fact that five people wanted to leave within the first two days is a perfect example of just how tough it is.

“You've always worked hard at everything you do, and being a 'fit' guy doesn't guarantee an easy pass. You’re one tough pretty boy, with a great skincare routine🤪. “

Anna then jokingly added: “ALWAYS REMEMBER- You may have passed selection, but I still lasted longer than you did 🤣🤪😝 LOVE NO.12 “


Anna and Tim’s fans gushed over the couple, with one person writing: “Well done Tim - amazing achievement! Well done to you too @annaheinrich1 for setting the bar high and showing him how it is done first .”

Tim Robards as number 14 on SAS Australia
Number 14, Tim, made it past selection. Photo: Channel 7

Another fan added: “Well done Tim, amazing effort ! Anna still number 1 but you are an absolute machine for tolerating the immense pain and still pushing through 👏👏👏 well deserved 🏆”

One fan pointed out that the pair have now smashed a number of reality TV shows, calling them ‘superstars’.

“Bachelor, the jungle and SAS. Always smash it 🙌”

Tim and Mitch pass selection on SAS Australia 2023

Last night on SAS Australia, the four remaining recruits – Tim, Matthew Mitcham, Abbey Holmes and Dr Craig Challen – were challenged with a three-phase final mission, with the first phase seeing them held captive for two hours before being faced with filming a death message to their loved ones.

After that they were forced to run 5km carrying their bergens before a 150-metre-high cliff assault with a vertical ascent to the summit.

The third phase saw the three remaining recruits embark on a hostage mission, being charged with avoiding detection while clearing buildings to find two hostages held in separate locations and transport them to the safety of the extraction vehicle.

Tim Robards, Ant Middleton and Matthew Mitcham
Tim, Ant and Matthew pose together after filming ended. Photo: Channel 7

Having saved the hostages and escaped to safety, DS Ant Middleton announced that Tim and Matthew had passed selection.

Tim was thrilled to hear the news and also relieved to know that he had equalled his wife’s (Anna Heinrich) performance on the course in 2022.

“I’m so happy. It’s shown what strength I’ve got inside. I probably doubted that a lot. Now I’m getting teary…” Tim said.

“It was hard work. So many times you just want to stop, and you want to quit, and you’ve just gotta keep pushing and pushing. I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her that I made it.”

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