TikToker told she's pregnant despite not having sex in a year

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TikTok user Samantha Gibson, who goes by @gibson_sammi on the app, shared a video recently revealing she had been told she's pregnant, despite not having had sex in over a year.

The caption on the video reads, "When you went to the doctors for a blood test and it comes back you're pregnant when you've not done it in over a year," while Samantha lip-syncs, "What does it mean?" 

TikToker shocked to be told she's pregnant
A TikToker was shocked when she went to the doctor for pains and she was instead told she was pregnant, despite not having sex for a year. Photo: TikTok/@gibson_sammi

She joked, "Had a real Jayne the virgin moment back then (sic)," referencing the show Jane the Virgin where the character Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated causing her to become pregnant despite being a virgin. 

"We need an update, so invested," one user commented on the video while many others commented requesting "story time".

"Mixed up blood samples," another user suggested.


"I had a kidney infection once, it also triggered a false positive haha," a third commented.

"That's the Messiah coming... what did you expect after a pandemic," someone else joked.

"Oooh well everyone was right, Jesus is coming back guys," another agreed.

A couple of days later Samantha shared her "story time", revealing what had actually happened.

TikTok user @gibson_sammi
A couple of days later Samantha shared her "story time", revealing what had actually happened. Photo: TikTok/@gibson_sammi

"I posted the video about I went to the doctors for a blood test, it came back that I was pregnant," she began. "Bear in mind, I've not done it in a year or two."

"I know a lot of you have been waiting, but I just don't find it interesting," she explained.

Samantha explained she went to the doctors because she was experiencing "dizzy spells" and getting "stabbing pains" in her stomach and when she had those pains she couldn't move or walk. 

So she visited the doctors to see if she could find out what was going on and they advised her they should do a blood test to check everything out. 

When the results came back the doctor said her HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels were "really high", but she told him it was "impossible" that she be pregnant as she hadn't had sex in a year or two. 

They then advised her to do a urine test, which came back negative. However, they thought it best to do another blood test just in case.

"I was like, 'Right, OK.' Did the blood test, went to do the blood test, [I was] waiting for the results and I've actually never got a phone call back! But I'm not pregnant, because it's been loads of months and yeah... I'm guessing the blood tests got mixed up or something? 'Cause, I'm not pregnant."

She added that she assumed the doctor didn't follow up because he "completely forgot" what she originally came in for and just thought "she's not pregnant" and never got back in touch about the pain.

"But yeah, storytime. Bit boring, I'm so sorry!" she finished.

Some commenters suggested her pain could be caused by endometriosis, while others suggested it could simply be ovulation pain or IBS.

Many also simply commented that they hoped she felt better soon.

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