TikTok goes wild for $8 Chemist Warehouse item: 'Absolutely divine'

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Dermal Sanitising Hand Cream from Chemist Warehouse. Source: TikTok/@luxeandlemonade
TikTokers have branded the Dermal Sanitising Hand Cream from Chemist Warehouse, which costs $8 'the product you need'. Source: TikTok/@luxeandlemonade

We love a cult beauty buy, especially when it’s affordable and within most people’s price range. And particularly when it’s $8. Yes, you heard right.

The newest beauty buy circulating the internet is the $8 Dermal Sanitising Hand Cream from Chemist Warehouse which Tik ok users are describing as "the product you need".

Viral following

Considering the amount of hand sanitiser we’ve been using it’s no real surprise that it can leave our skin feeling dry and in some cases, irritated and to the point of cracking.

While you can use hand moisturisers, they are normally thick and take a long time to absorb. That’s why the Dermal Therapy 2 in 1 Sanitising Hand Cream is proving to be such a winner.

Currently doing the rounds on Tik Tok, users can’t believe the product’s results.

“I use hand sanitiser so often and it’s so drying,” a user has posted on her Tik Tok. “This one is a 2 in 1 moisturiser and sanitiser.

“Smells absolutely divine. Absorbs beautifully.”

The TikTok user goes on to say that it’s “the product you need at Chemist Warehouse” and to “buy 10.”


What’s in the formula?

Unlike other products on the market, this 2 in 1 nourishing formula cleverly moisturises the skin while eliminating 99% of germs.

“It’s anti-microbial formula quickly kills 99.99% of germs ensuring your hands are sanitised and germ free without the drying effects common to gel sanitisers,” the description reads on Chemist Warehouse.

“Containing urea combined with 10 synergistic emollients, Dermal Therapy Sanitising Hand Cream provides intense moisturisation, leaving your hands feeling soft and supple.”

And it’s not just social media that’s generating the hype.

Product image of Dermal Therapy 2 in 1 Sanitising Hand Cream. Source: Chemist Warehouse
The unique 2 in 1 formula is causing a viral sensation around the country. Source: Chemist Warehouse

Rave reviews all around!

The "miracle" 2 in 1 product has generated the interest from customers around Australia, confirmed by the positive reviews.

“Best hand sanitiser by far,” a customer has written on the Chemist Warehouse website. “Dermal is definitely best product I’ve found on market.”

“I'm loving this product!,” another has posted.

“Firstly, it's great to be able to carry only one tube instead of 2 in my handbag. The cream feels great and it absorbs quickly, but without the drying effect gel sanitisers give.”

“I really like the feeling of this cream. It feels like a regular hand cream,” a third has written.

“I love that I can use this cream and don't have to use a gel sanitiser yet my hands are sanitised and germ free.

“From the day I found this product, I have kept it in my handbag. It's a great size to carry around.”

The $8 Dermal Therapy 2 in 1 Sanitising Hand Cream is available in a 60ml tube and is available in the hand cream aisle in Chemist Warehouse and also online via their website.

The product claims it is suitable for use by adults and children from 3 years of age.

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