TikTok video showing 'correct' way to use a microwave causes a stir

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A video showing the 'correct' way to use a microwave has gone viral after it was shared online, leaving millions of people wondering whether they have been doing it wrong their entire lives.

TikToker Isabella Avila, from the US, blew away her 15.5 million followers when she claimed you should be putting your food on the edge of the microwave plate.

US TikToker Isabella Avila
Isabella Avila shocked her followers with the 'correct' way to use a microwave. Photos: TikTok

"You know when you reheat food and some parts of it are hot enough to burn your mouth and a part of it is still frozen?" she said in the TikTok video.

"Well that happens because you shouldn’t actually have your food in the middle of the plate, it should be on the edge so it can actually rotate around and cook evenly."

The clip has since been viewed over 6M times with plenty of people shocked at the revelation.

“Clearly I have been using my microwave wrong this whole time,” one user responded.

“Wish I had known that 10 years ago,” another person wrote.


Others also started sharing their appreciate for the 'hack' in other TikTok videos that started to flood the site.

One woman, who posts as Tanya Home Inspo, also received praise for sharing the "mind-blowing" trick.

She dubbed it the "hack you wish you had known sooner", and received similar reactions from her followers.

TikTok microwave hack
Others also started sharing the hack in other videos. Photo: TikTok

"Am I the only one that's mind blown?" one person wrote.

"Thing I didn't know that I needed to know," another said.

However, some have disagreed with the hack, with one Aussie appliance expert saying it very much depended on the model.

"Food placement on the turntable will not impact the heating, as there will be hot and cold spots no matter whether you place the food on the side, or in the middle," Colin Jones, from Appliances Online, told news.com.au.

And others also argued in the comments.

"The whole plate is rotating so it doesn't matter if you put it in the middle. What works is making a hole in the middle of your food," one person wrote.

"Actually your dish is supposed to be right in the middle of the microwave," another said.

While others also pointed out that not all microwaves have a rotating plate.

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