TikToker divides with 'pet peeve' supermarket move: 'I was so hungry'

A woman has sparked a debate after revealing she snacks on her food before she gets to the checkout.

If you've ever gone grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you've probably had the urge to crack open a packet of chips as you browse the aisles. Now, the issue is dividing the internet after one woman joked about eating her way through some of her food before she got to the checkout.

Mother-of-four Cecily Bauchmann, who has 1.8 million followers on TikTok, has whipped up a debate on the social media platform, with a video of her checking out her groceries being viewed over 5.5 million times.

Cecily Bauchmann in a TikTok video
Cecily revealed she snacks on her groceries before she gets to the checkout. Photo: TikTok/Cecily Bauchmann

In the footage, Cecily gets to the checkout and begins to unload her trolley of items one by one before stopping when she gets to what appears to be a container of empty sushi.

"I also opened this in store," she says to the cashier a little sheepishly. "I'm sorry, I was so hungry."


While the cashier didn't seem to have an issue with her supermarket act, some people in the comments section fired up over it.

"Huge pet peeve. Especially when it's a weighted item and they eat it," one person commented.

"Some things are ok, but sushi? Really?" another person wrote.

"I have never in my life opened food in the store or even considered it," a commenter wrote.

However, the general consensus was that people do it all the time and are just glad they're not alone in their supermarket shenanigans.

"Working as a cashier for a year and a half showed me it's 100% okay to do this," one person said.

"As a mom, this is staple activity if I go shopping with my toddler," another person wrote.

"Can't count how many times I had to do this in store being a type one diabetic," one person wrote.

Others said they have worked in a supermarket and mainly the staff don't care, as long as you don't hand them your empty packets to throw away afterwards.

"When I'm a cashier I get annoyed sometimes when people hand me their trash to scan," a person said, with Cecily replying: "I always feel so shy."

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