Kmart fans in a frenzy over $3.50 buy after viral TikTok review

Shoppers are raving about the handy product.

A $3.50 product is flying off the shelves at Kmart after a viral review revealed how you can use it to protect your soft drinks from spills and insects. TikToker Kmart Ash took to the platform this week to test out the four-pack of "can toppers", designed to act as a bottle top for your canned drinks.

"I've been staring at these at Kmart for weeks now and I needed to see if they actually work," Ash says in the video. She then shows how she hand-washes a can topper before use, before sharing that they also survived her dishwasher. She even tries to shake a topper off, but it just won't drop.

Kmart soft drink can toppers; Still from TikTok video review of Kmart soft drink can toppers
The handy can toppers are designed to protect your soft drinks from spills and insects. Photo: Kmart, TikTok/@kmartash

The toppers are BPA-free, fit most 375ml size cans, washable and reusable and come in four colours: yellow, orange, purple and blue. You can find them in the camping section of your local Kmart.

Excited shoppers flooded the comments section of the video, hailing the can toppers as essential for camping and travelling. "My husband and I use them all the time and they're great for travelling," one said.


Meanwhile another shopper admitted their household is awfully fond of them too: "We swear by these in our house with kids. They are fantastic!" she said.

A word of warning

Some Kmart fans who'd tried the toppers cautioned that, if handled incorrectly, they can pop off. "Just don't do the lid up too tight and accidentally shake it up too much (like in a car) or the lid will explode off," one viewer warned.

"If your drink fizzes up with the lid on, it will pop off and go flying across the room. I know from experience," another confirmed.

'Safe clubbing'

Meanwhile, nightclub enthusiasts envisioned a different use for the toppers, noting they'd be perfect for protecting their canned drinks. "How easy are they to get off when you want to?" one asked. "Could be an awesome cheap option for safe clubbing."

"I need this for the clubs," another echoed. "Safety reasons of course."

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