TikTok's viral beauty sponge makeup hack: 'So impressed'

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Screenshots of TikTok user @glamwithsuzan applying eyeshadow with a beauty sponge.

Many makeup lovers probably have one sin they don’t want to confess: their makeup brushes rarely get washed as often as beauty professionals recommend.

We’re guilty too - who has the time to wash them weekly (or daily!), especially when some of them have only been used once or twice?


If you’ve been looking for a low effort make-up hack that will save you the time and effort of cleaning your entire brush collection, you’ll love this viral TikTok hack that is currently taking over the app.

Viral video shows a one-step look

Beauty influencer @glamwithsuzan has over 675 thousand followers on TikTok. Her latest video shows an eyeshadow hack using a mini beauty sponge.

Typically used to apply foundation or concealer, this TikTok show just how versatile they are, with the creator using it to make a glam ombre look.

In the clip, she presses her sponge against the shadows in the palette and then dabs them onto her eyes.

“We are combining two colours and they look so vibrant…they look incredible on the eye”, Suzan narrates in a voiceover.

The pink and purple shades blend seamlessly on the lid as Suzan pats it on, creating a funky ombre look.

“Keep in mind that this beauty sponge is dry so that the shadows apply smoothly,” Suzan finishes the look by using the sponge to dab a gold highlight near her tear duct and then adding mascara and false lashes.

She says she is so ‘so impressed’ with the final result. The video has garnered over 2000 likes, and the comments are equally enthusiastic about the clever makeup hack.

“Looks awesome, got to try this," commented one TikTok user.

“It worked so well!” Gushed another fan,

“I’m (going to) try this tomorrow,” wrote a third person.

We think the hack is awesome too, if not purely because it cuts down make-up tools from needing multiple brushes to just one small sponge to create the entire eye look.

If you want to try Suzan’s hack yourself, we’ve found some of the best beauty sponges available to buy:

Beauty Blender Charcoal Besties Set, $31

BEAUTYBLENDER Charcoal Besties Set from Sephora

This beauty sponge is slightly larger than the one used in the original video but can still be adapted to do the eyeshadow hack.

It also comes with everything you need for owning a beauty sponge - a travel case (to keep it clean and hygienic), a blender cleanser tool, and the sponge itself.

Cosmetic Makeup Eco Blender Sponges, $8.99

Cosmetic Makeup Eco Blender Sponges from Amazon

If you’re so used to using a brush that you’re not sure how you’re going to get on with the sponge, why not try these out?

They’re beauty sponges but attached to handles so you can hold them in the same way you do a brush.

They come in three different shapes - waterdrop, mushroom and oblique-cut.

The pink design is also super cute!

Beauty Bay Mini Makeup sponges, $12.50


Another multipack that gives you bang for your buck!

These mini sponges match perfectly to the one Suzan was using in her TikTok video.

They’re latex-free, cruelty-free, vegan and come in a zany lime colour.

Real Techniques 4 Miracle Mini Complexion Sponges, $26.94

Real Techniques 4 Miracle Mini Complexion Sponges by Amazon

No makeup sponge list would be complete without mentioning the OG creator of the Beauty Blender: Real Techniques.

Real Techniques was the brand that skyrocketed the Beauty Blender, a makeup sponge, to fame, and they’ve been dominating the market ever since.

This mini four-pack are perfect for bouncing, blending and applying product to your face.

My Beauty Tools Mini Foundation Blending Sponges 4 Pack, $5.99

My Beauty Tools Mini Foundation Blending Sponges from The Chemist Warehouse

If you’d like to have a couple of beauty sponges on rotation, pick up this four-pack from The Chemist Warehouse.

They come in slightly different shapes, which would be interesting to see how that affects the ombre eyeshadow look and if it gives it a unique shape or variation to the makeup hack.

The website reviews for the sponges are overwhelmingly positive, with one person saying they “spread evenly” and another saying they lay down product smoothly and makes you look “luminous and lovely”.

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