'Brilliant': Easy dishwasher hack solves infuriating dish dilemma

A mum has wowed the online cleaning community today, with a very clever solution to a dishwasher dilemma anyone with some Tupperware and an enthusiastic level of water pressure will recognise all too well.

We all know that sinking feeling that hits the tummy when you open your Miele semi-integrated, whip off your glasses to avoid the billowing steam, whack them back on your face only to spy three to four plastic containers practically pregnant with greasy dishwasher water.

Image of saucepan facing upwards in dishwasher waiting to be filled with greasy water
Anyone with a dishwasher knows this is an overflow disaster waiting to happen. Photo: Getty Images/ facebook

Do you pour it the liquid back into the dishwasher and risk some serious splashback, carry it gingerly to the sink and inevitably drip on your socks, or just close the machine, sell the house and move on?

In all seriousness, it’s a frustrating hassle that many would like dearly to avoid if at all possible and it turns out a deceptively simple solution has been lurking beneath our noses for far too long.

One mum put an end to the overflow madness, sharing that she simply takes a simple dish rack that can be bought for as little as $7 from Kmart, and places it over her dishes, keeping everything strapped in for the duration of the cycle.

Images shows dishwasher items held in place with dish rack in kitchen hack called 'brilliant'
The simple solution has been hailed as 'brilliant' by cleaning enthusiasts. Photo: Reddit/thecatunderthebed

A sort of seatbelt for your dishes if you will.

Originally posted to Reddit, then reshared to a Mum’s cleaning group, the post caused an instant stir, with dozens sharing their delight at finding a solution to the pesky problem.

“Brilliant,” was all one lady could manage.

“Fabulous suggestion, thank you,” another wrote.

“Thanks for sharing,” another wrote. “That’s brilliant!”


Others had tried and tested the method and gave it a solid tick of approval.

“Yep, works a treat!” one woman revealed. “I use cake racks.”

Other suggested that for some double whammy action other steel items could be used, and be given a bit of a clean in the process.

“Oven rack works well too,” one woman suggested.

“I use my ceramic bowls,” another offered.

The clever hack is one of the dozens that have been delighting cleaning enthusiasts of late.

Earlier this week a woman’s clever hack to help dispose of hot grease and fat without pouring it down the drain completely blew up the internet after the post was shared over 275K times.

“Need to pour out hot grease?” the post advertising the hack read. “Fold a sheet of foil and form it to your sink drain. Pour in the hot grease and let it completely cool. Then simply pull it up and throw away.”

Shared by the owner of Beyond the Hem Boutique, based in the US, the simple hack quickly went viral receiving tens of thousands of comments from users impressed with the idea.

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