Bizarre McDonald’s freebie baffles customers on TikTok: ‘I don’t get it’

TikTok users are struggling to work out how to use McDonald’s new collectable freebie, with many people calling it ‘confusing’.

The fast-food chain have released limited-edition glasses to celebrate their 50th birthday, which are designed to ‘wobble and swirl your drink without spilling’.

McDonald's glasses.
The glasses are available in six designs and are expected to run out soon. Photo: McDonald’s

The glasses, which are free with every medium or large Mac Family Meal, have a curved section on the bottom so they tilt rather than sit flat.

McDonald’s shared on Facebook that they are “designed to push the limits of wibble wobbling” and are best used on a flat surface.

The company also joked that it is “confirmed that any liquid consumed in glasses does become significantly more fancy and elite”.


While many people have praised the new design, some TikTok users are less than impressed.

In a video viewed by 500k people, Nunya (@nunya343) said she was disappointed by the freebie.

“So has anyone got the new Macca’s cup yet that doesn’t sit?” she asked her followers.

“I don’t get it. I’m a bit pissed off because I wanted to use it as a plant holder.”

The woman then ran a number of tests spinning the glass to see if it will spill, and admitted that she was impressed.

TikTok spinning the new glass.
One TikTok user says the glass design is “annoying”. Photo: TikTok/@thehappinesstrail

Others online have also expressed confusion about the glasses, saying they don’t see the point.

“Thanks McDonald’s, not sure why I’d want a glass that wobbled,” @lisaandandy18 shared.

@thehappinesstrail added: “As a person who spills things quite often, I appreciate these no-spill glasses McDonald's. But on day to day use, do you know how annoying it is that they’re not flat on the bottom?”

People took to the comments section to detail their own experiences with the McDonald’s product.

“I spilt juice everywhere trying to pour into the cup on the counter because it started spinning,” one person confessed.

“I put milk in it and spilt everywhere,” another wrote.

“I got one of these glasses and they just give me anxiety,” someone else said.

A fourth added: “As a McDonald’s worker, they are so bloody annoying!”

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