Hairdresser's $2.5K transformation sparks huge debate on TikTok

A hairdresser in the US has gone viral after sharing some of the transformations she's completed on TikTok, but it isn't the end result that had most people talking.

Jasmine Policarpo, who posts to the TikTok account @byprado_, was forced to defend herself after some of her followers started questioning how much she charged for some of the hair transformations.

tik tok byprado_ hair transformation
Jasmine said this look took her 13 hours to complete. Photo: TikTok/byprado_

In particular, it was a $2,500 hairdressing bill that sparked some of the most controversy, after one of her client's new looks – from bland brunette to silver-blonde silky waves – was called out for being way too expensive.

The caption of Jasmine's clip revealed the salon charged $199 an hour ($135USD) for their services, and the entire makeover took a total of 13 hours, leading to a $2480 ($1800USD) beauty bill.


It became clear this wasn't the first time the salon had shocked people with the cost of the work, as Jasmine said in the voiceover, "I did not think my last post was going to make so many people mad with how much I charge. But I think this one is going to make you madder."

As expected the video sparked a flurry of comments and has since been viewed over 1.3M times.

"It does not take 13 hours to do hair, what a rip off," one person commented.

"Could easily be done in 5-7 hours," another thought.

"Insane and not necessary," was another reaction.

A few also pointed out that despite the price tag, the hairdresser also appeared to have gotten some of the bleach on the customer's dress, leaving a mark.

"$150 and you still bleached her shirt," one person pointed out, with another adding: "It's unprofessional for such an expensive service."

viral hairdresser TikTok byprado_
She said clients are happy to pay for the results. Photo: TikTok/byprado_

The hairdresser had some supporters, with many people commending her for building a customer base happy to pay what she charges.

"Honestly to the people complaining about the price, just find someone else?" was one comment.

In subsequent videos, Jasmine continued to defend her pricing, sharing one slideshow of transformations that all cost over $1050 ($800USD).

"Everyone chooses to spend their money differently. My clients choose to spend it on their hair," she said in another clip. "And they leave happy so I don't know why so many people are mad."

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