TikToker's viral reaction to gender reveal sparks debate: 'Disappointed'

A pregnant mum has sparked debate on TikTok after sharing that she was disappointed when she found out she was expecting another boy.

Nicole Shamlin shared a video of herself and her partner celebrating after doing a gender reveal and then cut to video of her crying in bed.

TikToker Nicole Shamlin
A TikToker's reaction to finding out the gender of her second baby has gone viral and sparked a debate about gender disappointment. Photo: TikTok/NicoleShamlin

"What everyone saw at our gender reveal," she wrote over the celebratory footage, before it cuts to her in bed, "Me later that night grieving the fact that I'm not getting my baby girl just yet. How can I love another boy? Will I be replacing my first son? How can I love two sons?"

She captioned the video, "Gender disappointment is real. I only felt that way for a day. Now we are beyond excited and thankful."

While many viewers were supportive, others were not, with on user writing, "This is sad. I went through years of IVF. I was just thankful to have one live child. Healthy is what you should care about not the sex."


In response, Nicole said, "Let's not assume someone's infertility journey, because I have had a miscarriage, so you shouldn't be trying to invalidate my feelings. And guess what? I'm allowed to feel however I want and nobody can say anything about it because you're not me."

"I’m sure there are plenty of mamas who would take that boy off your hands!" another user commented on the video.

Many others were on her side with one woman writing, "I cried at my ultrasound when I found out he was a boy. I feel awful now because he’s amazing of course but [pregnancy] hormones are crazy. It will be OK."

"You’re not alone, I was a sobbing mess for hours… I promise it’ll be okay," another added.

"I love how you show the real truth behind stuff that many people go [through]," a third wrote.

"I've just found out last night I'm having my third boy, I know this feeling," someone else shared.

"I had 2 boys and thought I’d never have a girl. Just had my 3rd baby that was a girl 3 months ago. It’s not off the table yet mama," another user said.

In another video, Nicole shared more thoughts on "gender disappointment".

"Your feelings are valid," she said. "And just because you have gender disappointment, doesn't mean you're gonna love that child any less. When finding out the gender you may have that expectation of getting your girl or getting your boy and when you don't get that it's okay to grieve that loss."

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