TikToker's extreme revenge on cheating ex backfires: 'Crazy'

A TikToker has sparked debate after going viral for her unique way of getting revenge on her cheating boyfriend, with some slamming her for going too far.

Sara shared a video of herself emptying an urn of ashes into a river, revealing that they belonged to her cheating ex’s mother.

Left: TikToker Sara doing a story time on TikTok. Right: Sarah pictured on a TikTok video dumping her cheating ex's mum's ashes in a river. Text reads: He cheated so I threw his mum's ashes in the river
The TikToker went viral after throwing her cheating ex's mother's ashes into a river. Photo: TikTok/starringsaraa

Set to the song I Get Crazy by Scritchmatic, the woman pours a steady stream of ashes from a bridge into the river below. Once the ashes are gone, she throws the urn into the water as well.

The text reads: “He cheated so I threw his mum’s ashes in the river.”

While she may have been expecting praise from fellow TikTokers for her method of getting revenge, the majority of comments slammed the woman for such a ‘crazy’ act.


“It doesn’t matter what he did, you shouldn’t be throwing his family’s ashes, like you have no right to do that, you’re way crazier than him,” one commented.

“You really thought people were gonna take your side?” another asked.

“Too far ain’t the word! Disrespectful at its fullest smh mum’s coming to pay her a personal visit real soon if not that same night,” another joked.

Left: Instagram story of Sara with caption: Why I threw his momma ashes story time on YouTube. Link in bio. Right: Sara laughs in her TikTok.
Sara admitted on Thursday that her viral video was just a 'skit'. Photo: Instagram/starringsara & TikTok/starringsaraa

The TikToker has since uploaded a ‘story time’ video explaining why she got rid of the ashes, claiming her ex ‘wasn’t even mad’.

“Long story short, I was so into this guy from the Bronx,” she began.

“And that’s the problem. Like Bronx men, New York men in general, they toxic and they’ll have you out here looking crazy.”

As she continued her far-fetched story, Sara began to lose her composure and burst out laughing. She then admitted that the video was fake, saying that it the whole scenario was “just a skit”.

Her TikTok profile also mentions that she’s ‘“just trolling” and describes her channel as “comedy” while her Instagram bio reads “Comedian, Actress, Troll”.

On her Instagram story, Sara shared a screenshot of a YouTube video announcing that the TikToker had been arrested for throwing the ashes into a river.

On top of the screenshot, she wrote in large text: “Social media is so dumb lmfao.”

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