This TikTok cleaning hack is very problematic

Bianca Soldani
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TikTok is full of great and not so great hacks, and one of the latter has got people riled up.

The video in question is one that’s supposed to show us ‘the correct’ way of using a clip-on toilet bowl cleaner, because of course, we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

Instead of clipping it over the side of the bowl as per the instructions on the packet, the video - which is one of many boasting about this 'game-changer' hack - suggests you jam it up inside of the rim, thus eliminating the overhanging clip.

This toilet cleaning hack is questionable to say the least... Photo: TikTok
This toilet cleaning hack is questionable to say the least... Photo: TikTok

While the effect is more aesthetically pleasing, many people have been quick to point out some serious flaws.

“Doesn’t work on mine and the chances of it falling down and clogging the toilet is pretty high,” one person commented in the Aldi Mums Facebook group where the video was shared.


“Plumbers love these .... keeps them in business!” another agreed.

“That’s great, until it’s time to change it and it’s all gross,” someone else pointed out, with other disgusted commenters saying, “Not putting my hand up there, leave as it was,” “no thanks, I’m not touching that when it needs changing,” and “Just the thought of taking it out once it’s due to be taken out makes me (sick)”.

person trying to do the tik tok toilet bowl hack
Another person wedging their clip on underneath the rim without using gloves. Photo: TikTok

The bare hands in the video alarmed another person who exclaimed, “How many of you are cleaning toilets without gloves on in the first place??”

Of course, if the only reason you’re considering this so-called hack is because you don’t like having the plastic clip hanging over the bowl, there’s another lovely invention that gives you the same result without having to stick your fingers into the recesses of your toilet.

For just $6 you can pick up a packet of fresh gel toilet bowl stamps and be done with it. You’re welcome.

inside of a toilet bowl with a duck gel stamp
The person who invented this 'hack' hasn't heard of gel stamps. Photo: Duck

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