Brilliant TikTok cleaning hack saves common parent frustration

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We love to encourage little ones to be creative - as long as they keep their pens on paper, that is.

When they start using walls and couches as their canvas, however, you can end up with a permanent art installation that you never commissioned in the first place.

Young girl drawing on a white sofa with a red pen
A savvy mum has shared her hack for getting pen off couches. Photo: Getty Images.

One savvy mum from Perth has taken to TikTok to share her genius solution for parents of budding Picassos who have gone rogue with their drawing skills on the fabric sofa.

Liesl Elizabeth, who uses the handle @cleanfreak_cleaningco, posted a video of her trick for making pen marks disappear using a common hair product that many viewers might already have in their bathroom.

In the clip, which has racked up 2.2 million views so far, Liesl demonstrates how a spray of Schwarzkopf hair spray can lift the pen mark out of her grey couch.


"Has your darling child drawn on your furniture or couch?" she asks before launching into the hack.

She gives the blue biro mark a quick blast of hair spray then lets it soak in for a bit before gently wiping it off with a soft cloth.

And voila, her kid's 'art' is gone like 'magic!'

Liesl's fellow TikTok users were floored with the cleaning tip and flooded the comments section with their amazed reactions.

Pesky pen marks? No problem - all you need is a common hair product. Photo: TikTok/cleanfreak_cleaningco.
Pesky pen marks? No problem - all you need is a common hair product. Photo: TikTok/cleanfreak_cleaningco.

"One more episode of 'I learn more on TikTok than I've learned in my whole life," wrote one.

 "I just coloured my whole couch in with the pen to hide the line

"I'm buying hairspray today," added another.

A third piped up to say that rubbing alcohol also does the same thing.

A hairdresser also revealed that they use the hair spray trick to get hair dye out of their clothes.

One TikTok user asked Liesl if her hack also works on leather couches and she replied with an enthusiastic yes.

"That's a great tip! Also a good reminder to never have kids," joked another user.

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