TikTok comedian roasts Aussie suburbs in hilarious videos: 'Nailed it'

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TikTok videos poking fun at Australia’s most iconic suburbs have been heralded by locals as ‘spot on’.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, comedian Aurelia St Clair believes people relate to her content because they see their own suburb as an extension of themselves.

Others have preconceptions about particular communities that her videos either reinforce or dispel.

Aurelia St Clair (inset) joked that Bondi locals have
Aurelia St Clair (inset) joked that Bondi locals have "main character syndrome". Source: Getty / Tiktok

Originally from Germany, 26-year-old Aurelia moved to Melbourne eight years ago and finds Australians to be generally "easy going".

It was therefore a surprise when some Sydneysiders took offence at a recent light-hearted TikTok about Bondi Beach.

In the video, she begins by accusing Sydney's population of having “main character syndrome”, a term often used on TikTok to describe people who view others in their life as supporting actors.

Aurelia says the trait is “especially true” of people living in Bondi who fantasise they are living in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.


"Now if you send your child to preschool here, you best believe their lunchbox better be vegan," she jokes.

"They learn that A is for acai, B is for bowl, and C is for cerulean, which is also the name of their teacher."

Newtown roasted by comedian in TikTok suburb posts

Newtown also cops a roasting, with Aurelia calling the hipster inner-west suburb “spiritually aligned” with her hometown Melbourne.

Drinking plant-milk, recycling, using metal straws and calling parents by their first name are all traits she associates with people living in the suburb.

Responses to her posts have been overwhelmingly positive, with one fan saying they “believe and follow everything this woman says”.

“You speak of Sydney suburbs like you live in all of them, so accurate,” wrote one person.

“The facts. But I also feel a little attacked,” someone wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

Dealing with racist trolls on TikTok

While openly queer, attacks on her sexuality are rare, however Aurelia is sometimes trolled with racist comments about her skin colour.

She usually ignores them, but occasionally she feels compelled to fight back with a cutting video response.

“I don't want to sort of amplify their voice,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“But I do share comebacks from time to time, because I think it's important that people are aware that racism and racist comments are pretty common online still.”

Aurelia St Clair was asked by fans to roast Sydney's hipster capital, Newtown. Source: Getty / Tiktok
Aurelia St Clair was asked by fans to roast Sydney's hipster capital, Newtown. Source: Getty / Tiktok

Most recently, Aurelia responded with a new TikTok after someone wrote that she had “Blacktown vibes”.

She felt the comment was not just an attack on her, but a put down of the suburb which is multicultural and has lower house prices than suburbs like Bondi or Newtown.

“Why thank you, I’d love to live in an ethnically diverse area where not everyone thinks they’re a blogger or influencer,” she responded via TikTok.

“Imagine thinking this is an insult.”

Reactions to her video were overwhelmingly positive, with many locals praising her.

“As a girl from Blacktown, thank you,” wrote one person.

“Yassss. Blacktown. Nowhere else I’d rather be,” said someone else.

Aurelia St Clair will perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March.

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