Radio hosts shocked by bomb blast during live Ukraine interview: ‘Shivers’

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Triple M radio hosts Mark Geyer, Jess Eva and Chris Page were left stunned after their guest, Ukrainian politician Kira Rudik, was forced to end their interview when an airstrike hit nearby in Kyiv.

Kira, who recently gained international attention after a photo of herself holding a rifle went viral on Twitter, was speaking with the breakfast show about the Russian invasion when the incident occurred.

Ukrainian politician Kira Rudik and Triple M's Jess Eva.
Ukrainian politician Kira Rudik (left) was mid-interview with Triple M breakfast hosts Mark Geyer, Jess Eva (right) and Chris Page when an airstrike hit nearby. Photos: Triple M

Just over four minutes into the conversation, Kira’s laptop suddenly shook as she screamed and looked around the room in surprise.

“What’s just happened, Kira?” Chris quickly asked.

“There has been a strike right here,” she confirmed. “This was really close. This is probably the closest we’ve ever seen.

“This was a strike right now, it was very close. One second, let me [check],” she continued, before speaking in Ukrainian off-camera and then wrapping up the call.

“They are saying that they are going to have to go out and check, so I will stop… Thank you so much, it was good talking to you. All the hugs from Ukraine.”


Shortly after the interview, Jess shared the video on her Instagram alongside an emotional caption.

“The reality of what the Ukrainians endure every day is horrific,” she wrote. “You don’t need me to say that though, we all know. As we donate what we can, yet watch helplessly. We can’t help but feel we need to do more, but don’t know how.”

“This gave me shivers!” one follower commented, while another added, “There are no words”.

Kira Rudik is the leader of Ukraine’s liberal political party, Voice, which serves as the opposition to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People party.

Prior to the airstrike, Kira was discussing the current situation in Ukraine seven days into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

“We have been constantly attacked from the air, usually 10 to 15 airstrikes a day on the city,” she explained. “So it’s 10 to 15 times a day you have to go down to the bomb shelter and sit and hide with your family. This has actually been really hard.

“Kyiv is preparing for a siege, there is a massive Russian army along the borders of the city, trying to cut off supplies of food, water, medical aid, et cetera… We’re preparing for that.”

Kira went on to say that her resistance unit is “ready to fight”, they’re helping the Ukrainian army and patrolling the city, and she feels “optimistic” they will triumph.

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