Grant Denyer shocks with hidden detail in DWTS costume: 'Is that real?'

No one was more excited to return to the Dancing With the Stars stage than Grant Denyer it seemed on Sunday night.

The TV presenter, who has also previously hosted the show, kicked off the season with his partner Lily Cornish, with a Cha-Cha to Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' in fluoro retro outfits.

Grant Denyer DWTS
Grant Denyer surprised DWTS host Sonia Kruger when he revealed he'd grown a rat tail for the performance. Photo: Seven

But one part of Grant's look that took host Sonia Kruger by surprise was his hair with the former DWTS winner revealing he'd grown a rat tail to complete his hairdo for the night.

"I’ve grown a rat tail just for tonight’s performance," Grant proudly said as he pulled the long piece of hair to show Sonia.


"Oh my god, is that real? That's real!" Sonia exclaimed, clearly shocked.

"I know, I know, I had one of these as a kid," Grant shared. "My uncle always threatened to take me down to the shearing shed and shear it off.

"So now, take that Uncle Dave! Whoo, it’s back baby!"

Grant and Lily DWTS
Grant revealed he'd grown a rat tail as a kid and was excited to bring it back. Photo: Seven

Sonia couldn't help but laugh, adding, "You are just pure gold. And should we inform the judges the G.D. does not play by the rules?"

The host was referring to the fact that while the judges loved his performance, they didn't think he had enough Cha-Cha elements to it and thought it was more of a Freestyle performance.

Grant and Lily finished with a score of 26 out of 40.

"No man, nothing says legit gangster from the wrong side of town than someone wearing fluorescent orange and green, you know what I mean?" Grant joked.

"Part rapper, part road worker."

While the judges loved his performance, they didn't think he had enough Cha-Cha elements to it, so Grant and Lily walked away with a 26 out of 40. Photo: Seven

This season of DWTS brings back winners from the past 17 years as well as four wildcards to battle it out for the mirror ball trophy, with Grant previously winning in 2006.

Speaking about the show while he was preparing for the first performance, Grant told the cameras, "I owe so much of my career to this show.

"Winning it just took me off into another stratosphere. To this day it’s one of the most magical experiences of my entire life."

He jokingly added to Sonia that he loved the show so much that he'd happily be there "changing the light bulbs" if nothing else.

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