Air fryer cleaning hack goes viral on TikTok: 'Who knew!'

Chef and influencer Erin Morley is used to sharing cooking hacks and recipes on her socials with her 500,000 fans but it is her cleaning hacks that have been sending them wild recently.

The US based content producer put up a video describing the quick and easy way she cleans her air fryer and her followers are loving it.

With the current trend toward air fryer cooking because of how simple and efficient it is, it's no wonder that people are also looking for a simple way to clean them.

Stills from TikTok video showing a hack for cleaning an air fryer
Erin's quick and easy hack for cleaning her air fryer. Photo: TikTok/@chef.erinmorley

"This is how I clean my air fryer to make it super easy," she said in the video. "Fill the basket with soapy water."

She then puts the basket back into the air fryer and turns it on. "Let it go for about six, seven minutes," she suggests.

"When it's done and you open it be super careful as the water is going to be really hot, so go really slow. But honestly, when you drain it, everything that's stuck on there is gonna come right off."

"Who knew! Thanks for the great tip - never occurred to me," one fan wrote on the post.

"Thank you! Mine needs to be cleaned DESPERATELY!😂," another added.

However a few of her followers warned that it may be safe with all air fryers.

"R u sure putting water in is safe. Fan blows the water up into the electrical mechanisms. Electricity and water don’t play well together," one person wrote so it may be best to check your specific air fryer to see if this can be done.

Erin also shared across her social media accounts her way of getting her cutlery super shiny in the dishwasher with a trick she learnt in the restaurant trade 15 years ago and its already been watched by 4.6 million people!

"You simply take a piece of tin foil, roll it up in a ball, and put it in your silverware basket and then clean as you normally would," she said.

"The foil has a reaction with the detergent to literally get all the grime, grease and makes your silverwere and your glassware shinier than you've ever seen it!?"

And in five days it's had almost 500,000 likes.

"I tried this and it works!! My dishes have never looked this good!!" one person wrote.

"I am a chemist. It’s an ion exchange with the detergent that works similar to oxidation on the dishes," one of her followers explained.

We're just happy to try anything that makes cleaning easier!

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