Woman's Aldi DiSan grout cleaning hack stuns: 'Looks brand new'

It looks like Aldi’s DiSan has done it again with the pre-was stain remover being highly praised for its incredible cleaning capabilities.

The extremely popular $1.95 Aldi product, which is widely used by customers for more than just removing stains from clothes, has gone viral on social media yet again following an incredible cleaning transformation.

Sharing her discovery on social media, mum-of-two Zefanya revealed the ‘miracle' spray outperformed other cleaners by far when cleaning her tile grout.

Aldi Disan cleaning hack
After trying the Aldi Di-San products on her oven Zefanya decided to try it on her tile grout, with amazing results. Source: Facebook

Zefanya tells Yahoo Lifestyle she couldn’t believe how well it worked when she randomly decided to “give it a try” on the grout in her home.

“I was quite surprised as I didn't know how to clean grout before, but I've been using DiSan powder to clean my oven for years,” she said.

“I just decided to try it on my floors as it works for my oven so I thought ‘maybe it'll work for grout’ and it did.”


The results from Zefanya’s idea were definitely worth it. The Aldi cleaner completely transformed her floors, leaving the grout sparkling clean.

“The grout in my whole house is now clean and my house looks sparkling new,” she says.

How she did it

Sharing her cleaning win with others on the Aldi Mums Facebook page, Zefanya showed off the amazing before and after pictures and explained how she got them so clean.

Aldi Disan
While she started in a small space using a toothbrush, she quickly sourced a bigger brush and used it across her entire house. Source: Facebook

“Just tried out cleaning grout with DiSan…and it works perfectly,” she wrote.

“I’m surprised it worked so great as well on grout. I leave it for 10 mins after spraying it, that way makes cleaning easier.”

She worked through her whole house by spraying the DiSan directly onto the grout and scrubbing with a grout brush before wiping clean. While it was a “tiring” exercise, Zefanya says it was “satisfying” and well worth it.

Fans are obsessed

Fans of the Aldi cleaner couldn’t believe the transformation, with many saying they were completely “obsessed” with using the Aldi spray throughout their entire house.

“All I can say is "what stain or mark cant it clean."Good on glass too,” one person commented.

“I use it in my shower it’s amazing,” added another, while a third said: “Cleans the loo well too.”’

Aldi Disan
Fellow Aldi fans were stunned with the sparkling results. Source: Facebook

Aldi shoppers also pointed out in her post that there were two different types of DiSan spray available - an Oxy-action spray and a Degreaser.

While both worked well outside of the laundry, the purple spray bottle is best used for tiles, grout, and shower screens.

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