TikTok foodies' 'genius' crispy rice hack with Woolies sushi

There is nothing like beautifully prepared restaurant food from another culture, but we don't always have the time and money to eat out.

And there are those treats that only seem to taste good freshly made by a chef in the know.

I love sushi as much as the next person, but could eat plates of those beautifully crafted, crispy rice squares topped with spicy salmon, still warm from the pan.

The soft silky fish and crispy salmon is a texture combination to die for.

step by step stills from tiktok video of hack transforming Woolies nigiri salmon into crispy rice with spicy salmon. image of raw salmon, topping, and the crispy result on a red and white plate, then image of two sisters overcome at the result.
The Hanna sisters transform Woolies nigiri salmon into crispy rice and spicy salmon with this simple hack. Photo: TikTok/@euwth

I thought I could enjoy this only at my local Japanese restaurant, but a TikTok hack has me excited to create them quickly and easily at home.

Sydney food bloggers, sisters Rochele, Saryne and Jazmin Hanna, collectively known as EUWTH, or Eating Up With The Hannashians (see what they did there!!!), shared an ingenious shortcut to enjoying this delicious snack.

Using nigiri sushi from Woolies and a few Japanese staples bought in store, they showed their TikTok fans how to quickly and easily make salmon crispy rice.

wooloworths sushi
The sisters used nigiri sushi from Woolies. Photos: Getty/Woolworths

The Hanna sisters removed the salmon from the rice, cut it up and then mixed it with sriracha and Japanese mayonnaise.

They then reshaped the rice, cut it into squares and coated it in cornflour, before lightly frying until nice and crispy.

It's that simple!

And it's racked up 153,000 views and 17,000 likes.

"This is genius," one follower wrote.

"Love this hack," another said.

"This is so smart," a third chimed in.

Many others were keen to make it themselves.

"l'm definitely trying this," Annie Filippou wrote.

The Hanna sisters started food blogging in 2014 and have built up 61,000 Instagram and 25,000 TikTok followers.

They even got to experience European and American cuisine on a food safari back in 2018 with Contiki (remember when we could travel easily?).

“We like eating good food and dressing nice, it’s pretty simple, and people love to find out the best spots to eat, so we're helping," Saryne explained to The Daily Telegraph back in 2017.

“We’ve had the chance to go to so many places and learn about the food,” Rochele added.

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