This Kmart pie maker hack is a must-try for a decadent Easter dessert: 'Oh yum!'

Creative foodies have long been making up their own delicious dessert creations in the Kmart pie maker.

And now one has come up with the perfect chocolatey Easter dessert dreams are made of.

Red Tulip Easter rabbit, hot cross bun, Kmart pie maker
There's no end to the snacks that can be created in a Kmart pie maker. Source: Facebook

The simple two-ingredient recipe is exactly what you need to round off your Easter meal or dish up for breakfast, thanks to the cult Kmart buy.

Sharing her creation to the Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia Facebook page, Lisa Jay revealed just how easy it is to dish up the yummy Easter dessert in less than 5 minutes.

“Tis the season... Mini hot cross buns and Easter eggs,” she wrote.

“Close the lid and cook until heated through.” Yep, it’s that simple.


And the results? Every chocolate-lover's dream!

“Crunchy on the outside... gooey in the middle. Thank me later,” she added, saying that the small nine-pack hot cross buns from Coles fit perfectly in the Kmart pie maker.

Lisa told Yahoo Lifestyle she came up with the idea after having some leftovers one year and just decided to see how it would turn out.

"I had leftover hot cross buns and Easter eggs and thought I'd try it," she said. "Then I realised they were quite good!"

'Can't wait to try it!'

Easter dessert: Hot cross bun with Easter chocolate filling, cooked in Kmart pie maker
Who knew you could create this chocolately goodness in just five minutes? Source: Facebook

Fellow pie maker fans said they couldn’t wait to give the decadent recipe a test run themselves.

“That has sorted my Easter Sunday breakfast,” one person said, while another added “Now, you’re a bad influence.”

Meanwhile, others suggested some mouth-watering ingredients that could take the recipe to the next level.

“If you put a little cream cheese in there as well it’s even better, creamy,” one person suggested.

“And add a marshmallow or two,” commented another.

“Tin apples in the hot cross buns are nice with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar or the little creme eggs and marshmallows,” suggested a third.

Kmart pie maker isn't just for pies

This isn’t the only Easter dessert hack you can pull off in the pie maker.

One person said they’d created caramel Easter egg pies after cooking caramel Easter eggs wrapped up inside slices of bread in the pie maker.

Easter treats: Cupcakes and Easter egg s'more pies
Other Facebook users shared their own Easter treats made in the Kmart pie maker, including cupcakes and Easter egg s'more pies. Source: Facebook.

While another added they'd used hot cross buns as pie pastry instead of using frozen pastry sheets, filling the buns with strawberry jam filling.

Others said they'd used leftover Easter eggs to make rocky road cakes, chocolate egg muffins and even Easter pancakes.

Looks like your Easter dessert menu is all sorted!

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