Genius hack to keep your lettuce fresh longer: 'It works'

With fruit and veggie prices on the rise, keeping them fresh and crisp matters.

That's why a hack to keep your lettuce fresh longer has gained so much traction online.

When you need to part with upwards of $5 for one lettuce in the supermarket, you want to ensure you use the whole thing and don't have to throw out limp leaves.

So when Anita Birges, of professional organising company Mise en Place, shared her hack for improving the life of salad greens, people took notice.

Four photos of  Anita Birges with a lettuce, showing its leaves, wrapping it and showing the final wrapped product in her kitchen.
Anita Birges shows off her hack for keeping lettuce fresh longer. Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au


"The lettuce lifehack every person should know," home organising and styling specialist Anita shared on her TikTok account last weekend.

"To remove the core of the lettuce, simply slam it down onto a chopping board. This also quite fun and satisfying😁," she wrote on her insta account.

"To keep your lettuce fresher for longer and stop it wilting in your fridge, wrap it up in aluminium foil.

"Total game changer‼️"

And more than 47,000 people have watched the video on TikTok and another 1000 have liked it on Instagram.

"Extending the life of an iceberg lettuce is necessary at their current price of $5 each!!!!!" one commented.

"I knew putting celery in foil extends it, but I didn’t know it works for lettuce," another added.

"I’ve tried this. And it works. Two weeks' fresh lettuce," a third wrote.

"You can also soak the leaves in the sink with a stainless steel knife to ‘freshen’ them up," another said.

"No idea how that works but my mum does it."

Anita replied that she would try that next time.

More hints for keeping fruit and veggies fresh for longer

"Washing fruits or vegetables before storing them makes them more likely to spoil, because dampness encourages bacteria growth," food research scientist Amanda Deering of Purdue University told the Washington Post.

"Poke holes in the plastic bags you store them in, or keep them in re-useable mesh bags. An airtight plastic bag is the worst choice for storing vegetables," Barry Swanson, Professor Emeritus of food science at Washington State University added.

"And don’t pack veggies tightly together, either; they need space for air circulation or they’ll spoil faster."

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