Woolies serves up high protein pizza and shoppers are super keen: 'Epic!'

Aussie supermarket Woolworths have done it again with the latest fakeaway from their freezer section - a high protein pizza!

There is nothing like a deliciously hot pizza when you feel like treating yourself and your family. And if you're trying to hit a daily protein goal, or are just wanting a few less calories than your typical Dominos feast, this could be perfect for you.

Woolworths  high protein pizza from FROPRO on tiktok
Woolworths launched the high protein pizza from FROPRO in their freezer section. Photos: TikTok

Woolies launched the high protein pizza from FROPRO in their freezer section this week and shoppers are super keen.

"2am drunk cravings never looked so good," Woolies worker Dylan Dower wrote on his TikTok video about the new pizza find.

"The pizza is by FROPRO (the ice cream & yoghurt brand). Around 60grams of protein and 600cals for whole pizza!" he added in the comments.

"The base is made with Faba Bean Protein," FroPro Pizzas & Ice Cream, the creators, also added in the comments. "PS, they're damn tasty. We have tried all ;)"

To start with the pizzas will come in three varieties – Peri Peri Chicken, Pepperoni, and Ham and Aussie Beef and Peppers.

The three varieties of FROPRO low carb high protein pizza now in Woolies.
Low carb high protein pizza's are coming soon to Woolies. Photo: TikTok/@dyldower

At $12 a pizza, they may be a bit more expensive than some of the other pizzas in the freezer section but when you are consuming 50% less carbs than other pizzas, it could be worth it for you.

And many others were excited and intrigued as well with the TikTok video being watched by 168,000 people.

"I need these at my local Woolworths. Sound great," one follower wrote. "Epic!" another added.

"Does anyone know where I can get my hands on these? Any woolies stores in Victoria stock them? Literally a dream product," another impatient shopper wrote.

"This will be a great option for that cheat meal where you don’t want to go too crazy!" another follower commented.

Woolworths Miranda supermarket
Woolie shoppers shared their excitement online. Photo: Getty

"Finally we can all enjoy pizza, everyday ;)" FROPRO added.

A spokesperson for Woolworths confirmed the FroPro Pizza started appearing on shelves last week in-stores and online in Pepperoni, Peri Peri Chicken and Italian Beef flavours.

"We’re always looking to expand our range of unique snacks and collaborations that excite customers, so we’re pleased to see the interest from foodies alike," they said.

With just 588 calories for the whole pizza (for the Peri Peri chicken version) with 50g of protein, you can definitely enjoy accidentally on purpose eat the whole thing by yourself!

Right, I'm off to clear some freezer space...

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