The Voice's Guy Sebastian blasts 'disgusting' Australian Idol moment with Paulini

Guy Sebastian, who was the original winner of Australian Idol in 2003, has spoken out about a 'fat-shaming' incident involving fellow singer Paulini Curuenavuli during that season.

In an interview with Stellar magazine, The Voice coach has blasted comments made by judge Dicko at the time as 'disgusting'.

the voice australia coach guy sebastian
Guy Sebastian is now a coach on The Voice Australia. Photo: Channel Nine

"It was disgusting what was said to Paulini," Guy told the publication.

"It has aged so badly. I was there that night when she was at the house crying after the show finished.


"Seeing that footage now makes you realise how much the culture has changed. Things like that are called out now."

After putting on a stellar performance on the show, the judges appeared to fixate on Paulini's outfit choice instead of her voice, with Dicko telling her to "choose more appropriate clothing and shed some pounds".

Paulini Curuenavuli on Australian Idol
Paulini featured on Australian Idol with Guy in 2003. Photo: Channel Ten

In an interview with Woman's Day in 2014 Paulini admitted the comments really affected her.

"[It] really hurt my confidence. I went backstage and started sobbing," she said.

The clip went viral this year after it was shared by celebrity podcast Shameless on Instagram.

"This is why every millennial woman has body-image issues now, episode two: that time Australian Idol was actual trash," it was captioned, sparking a host of comments condemning the moment.

Feminist author Clementine Ford wrote: "It’s wild how much this was just the norm then."

While former Gogglebox star Evie Jones agreed, saying: "I hated this moment so much! I thought (and still do) @paulini_curuenavuli looked absolutely stunning in this dress. Record labels have so much to answer for. Men would make comments like this constantly to female artists. Hideous and dangerous."

Even Paulini commented on the resurfaced video: "And I’ve made many gold dresses look even better since that night in 2004."

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