Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: Aussie golden couple's love story

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are Australia's golden couple.

They have been married for 15 years, have two beautiful daughters and spend their time between work projects either at their home in Nashville or Sydney. But finding true love wasn't straightforward for either of them.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman attend the 43rd Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville,
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been married for 15 years. Photo: Getty Images

Keith, 53, dated Nashville veterinarian technician Laura Sigler for eight years, even proposing to her according to friends, he then dated American supermodel Niki Taylor.

Nicole, 54, had some pretty high profile relationships before she met Keith dating fellow Aussie actors Tom Burlinson and Marcus Graham and crooner Lenny Kravitz. But it was her marriage to Hollywood icon Tom Cruise that shot Nicole to international stardom.


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the 63rd Annual Academy Awards March 25, 1991
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidma. Photo: Getty Images
Nicole Kidman and her children Connor and Isabella attend a basketball game in LA
Actress Nicole Kidman and her children Connor and Isabella attend a basketball game in LA in December 2004. Photo: Getty Images

Tom and Nicole met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1990 before marrying the following year, The couple were together 11 years and adopted two children, Isabella Jane, now 28, and Connor Anthony, now 26 during their marriage.

However, after 10 years of marriage, Tom and Nicole split. "Our life together was perfect. It took me a very long time to heal," she told People. "It was a shock to my system. That was a great relationship. I think it ran its course. I was really damaged and not sure whether [love and marriage] was ever going to happen again to me.”

And while that's how she felt at the time, she did find love again.

Nicole and Keith met at a G'Day Australia event in Los Angeles back in 2005 and it was pretty much love at first sight.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in 2005
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban minutes after being introduced to each other at the G’Day Australia event in LA in 2005. Photo: instagram/@keithurban

"Meeting her and getting married wasn't life-changing, it was life-beginning," Keith told CBS Sunday Morning. "It was literally, like, 'Okay, life starts.'"

It took Nicole a little longer, but by the time he was knocking at her door with a bunch of gardenias for her 38th birthday, she knew. "It was pretty intense," Nicole told People. "I believed by that point he was the love of my life. Maybe that’s because I am deeply romantic, or I’m an actress, or I have strong faith as well, but I just believed, ‘Oh, okay, here he is.'"

Just a year after meeting the couple tied the knot at Cardinal Cerretti Chapel in Manly, Australia on June 25, 2006.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at their wedding
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wed at Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in St Patrick's Estate, Manly on June 25, 2006. Photo: Getty Images

But Keith's drug-taking almost ended his marriage before it had reached the year mark. Just four months after their star-studded wedding, Keith booked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic in California after admitting to cocaine abuse.

“I caused the implosion of my fresh marriage. It survived, but it’s a miracle it did,” he told Rolling Stone. “I was spiritually awoken with her. I use the expression ‘I was born into her,’ and that’s how I feel. And for the first time in my life, I could shake off the shackles of addiction,” he said.

Luckily Nicole stood by her man and the couple have gone from strength to strength ever since. They now have two beautiful daughters Sunday Rose (who goes by Sunny), 13 and Faith ( who goes by Fifi), 10.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose. Photo: instagram/@keithurban

"That love is so perfect,” Nicole told US weekly about motherhood. “Once you have that child you think: Ah, I'm willing to die for this person and that changes everything."

And while Isabella and Connor spent more time with their dad and in their church, the church of Scientology, after their parents' divorce, Nicole still loves them very much. "They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions," she told Vanity Fair. "They have made choices to be Scientologists and as a mother, it's my job to love them."

When asked if she'd met Keith at the right time, Nicole told Vogue: "Oh, no. I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him. But I didn’t.

"I mean, if I could have had two more children with him, that would have been just glorious," she added

You only have to look at Keith's Instagram page to see how much he adores his wife.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on Instagram
Keith Urban litters his Instagram feed with loved-up shots of wife Nicole Kidman and him. Photo: instagram/@keithurban

He also takes most opportunities he's interviewed to gush about Nic as well. "The thing I marvel at the most is how she... takes care of our family. She’s an amazing wife and mother," he told the Today Show.

"She’s my best friend. I’ve never had anybody on the planet that knows me as well as she does," Keith told People. "I would love to have been worthy of somebody like Nic, but I was a long way from it when we met. Somehow we just found there was love there, real love. I literally just feel like the luckiest guy on the planet."

And it is far from one-sided. "I have a very good relationship. It is a very soothing, comforting place for me to go, and he's a very strong, warm, kind man," Nicole says to Glamour UK about Keith. "I'm very fortunate to have that in my life, because it's a really strong place to be able to go and curl up. And this is a lonely world, right?"

Nic's right! Long may they last...

See Keith on The Voice premieres 7pm Sunday, 8 August on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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