The Wiggles slammed by parents for 'lack of diversity'

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The Wiggles have come under fire amid the Black Lives Matter protests, as American parents slam the "lack of diversity" in the group.

The band, which was originally formed in 1991, features white band members including Emma Watkins, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Anthony Field.

The Wiggles has been called out for their "lack of diversity" on social media amid the Black Lives Matter movement. Photo: Getty

While the original line-up included one non-white member, with Chinese-Australian Jeff Fatt as one of the founding members, he retired in 2012.

Parents are now urging the group to set a better example for their young viewers and hire a Black member.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the group's lack of diversity.

One user wrote: "My daughter loves the Wiggles. Can y’all get some Black wiggles together for her?"

The original Wiggles lineup included one non-white member with Chinese-Australian Jeff Fatt as one of the founding members, he retired in 2012. Photo: Getty

"Watching the wiggles with Moo I wanna turn it off because it’s no Black ppl on here but she’s dancing so hard,” another person said.

A third wrote: "I stopped watching The Wiggles as a child b/c they didn’t have any Black folks on it. The Wiggles."

Another added: "We're watching the Wiggles this morning and I'm surprised by the lack of diversity and stereotypical gender roles for a current children's show. What's going on in Australia? Back to Sesame Street!"

Earlier this year another user wrote: "Had an entire argument w my dad last night [about] the lack of diversity in The Wiggles."

The Wiggles have been live streaming concerts during the coronavirus pandemic with Blue Wiggle Anthony Field revealing the heartbreaking news earlier this year that they "had to stand down [their] beautiful cast" after cancelling their upcoming tour.

Speaking with Perth Now, he continued: "A lot of our dancers, the lady that goes around and sells the merchandise, truck drivers, sound crew — it's heartbreaking," he continued.

"We love playing music for people. We can do it online but it's not the same."

The group was able to do a live-streamed concert from the Sydney Opera House last week with the group joined by guitarist Oliver Brian as they performed in the empty hall.

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