The Wiggles reveal shocking secret behind Simon Cowell ad

The Wiggles have received quite a lot of media attention recently, with the announcement of their new members happening over the weekend, as well as their viral Uber Eats ad with Simon Cowell back in June.

Founding member Anthony Field has now revealed a major behind-the-scenes bombshell about filming the promo with the iconic talent show judge.

Wiggles Uber Eats ad.
Fans have called the new Uber Eats ad with Simon Cowell and The Wiggles ‘hilarious’. Photo: Uber Eats

Speaking with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, the 58-year-old admitted that Simon Cowell wasn’t actually with the band during filming and they had instead used a stand-in.

“Okay, there’s a guy in Coogee, his name is Richard,” Anthony began.

"He was an exact copy of Simon Cowell. He is the best actor. I don’t know how they do it digitally, I’m an old man, but they surgically removed his head and put Simon’s head there.


“But this guy was quite incredible, he’s a great actor and he’s a real estate agent in the Eastern suburbs apparently.”

The ad saw Simon donning a grey skivvy as a new member of The Wiggles, sitting on the couch reading the newspaper while the four musicians each enjoyed creative activities.

The English TV personality continuously shut down the band’s attempts to break out into song, before declaring that he “now hates music”.

The revelation comes two years after Magda Szubanski also told Fitzy & Wippa that she and Kim Kardashian didn’t film their Uber Eats commercial together.

“Sharon had a very busy schedule,” she said about her iconic character.

“She had to film her stuff a couple of days later. They were in the same room, just not at the same time.”

Magda Szubanski and Kim Kardashian's Uber Eats ad.
Magda Szubanski previously said that she didn’t film her ad with Kim Kardashian at the same time. Photo: Uber Eats

In a recent appearance on Sunrise, Simon Cowell accused The Wiggles of ‘torturing’ him while filming the Uber Eats promo.

The notoriously grouchy 61-year-old told David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr that he almost reached breaking point on the one-day shoot after hearing the band’s new song about ‘zucchini linguine’ one too many times.

“I've got to be honest with you, on the day it reached a point where I thought, ‘If I hear one of these songs again I'm going to scream’,” he said.

“It was like they were torturing me on purpose,” he chuckled, before adding, “They are hilarious. I do love them.”

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