The Wiggles reveal 'crazy' scene that wasn't included in documentary

The Wiggles tell Yahoo Lifestyle about the scene they wish had appeared in the movie.

The Wiggles' documentary, Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles, has finally been released on Prime Video, but not every single story from the band's 30+ year history made the cut, with the original four members Anthony Field, Greg Page, Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook sharing one scene they wish had appeared in the movie.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the original Wiggles shared that there was one 'crazy' scene that they would have loved to have seen included in the movie, however, they didn't have 'editorial control' over what went into it.

The original Wiggles Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook, Greg Page and Anthony Field
The original Wiggles revealed the 'crazy' scene that wasn't included in their documentary, Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles. Photo: Getty

"It's 30 years worth of The Wiggles," Murray tells us. "So there's obviously lots of things that might not make it, probably things that were never filmed or anything because it was a different world when we started, there was no social media... So it would have been nice if some more of that stuff was captured, but I think they've done a pretty good job of taking the raw material and crafting a story from it."

Anthony shared the story he wished was included, saying, "I remember one crazy thing, where we went to NASA in Houston, and firstly, we were met by these four Texas rangers, with big Stetson hats with shotguns, and they got into a car in front of us.


"And I said to them, 'We don't need the protection,' and he said, 'The protection is not for you sir.' I thought they were worried about The Wiggles!" the Blue Wiggle added with a laugh.

He continued, saying they went to the control room and Greg sang 'Hot Potato' to Mike Fincke, an Australian astronaut who was in space.

"This would have been a great moment to have there, but we had no editorial control. But I would love to have seen it, because it's just so crazy!"

"Pretty amazing to be able to sing to somebody who's on the space station," Greg added. "Really cool, that's the thing, we've had so many of those cool moments over the years. So I think they captured a lot of those throughout the whole hour and a bit of the documentary. So they've done an incredible job."

'Taken by surprise'

Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles shares details of Greg Page's shock on-stage collapse
In the documentary, there are new details of Greg's shock on-stage collapse. Photo: Prime Video

The group also shared that they were 'taken by surprise' by how emotional they found the whole process of making the documentary.

"It was just overwhelming actually, watching your last 32 years in an hour and 45 minutes, and it was much more emotional than I thought," Anthony said. "I just wasn't prepared for it."

"I think we probably didn't know what to expect," Greg added. "But the emotional side of it probably did take us a bit by surprise actually, and probably will take a lot of people by surprise."

During the documentary, the group relived Greg's 2020 heart attack, which occurred backstage at a concert to raise money for bushfire relief.

"Here's the thing, people see that, and people go through that all over Australia, all over the world, but when it happens right next to you to a mate of yours that you've grown up with and loved... it was really hard for us," Anthony shared.

Speaking of the moment, he added, "I was in shock, and I know we all were."

Anthony continued, sharing that he is "so proud" of Greg because he has since begun educating people about defibrillators and CPR, as that's what saved his life.


"Yeah, there were a lot of emotional things through the movie," Greg added. "And, you know, I think for me to watch that part back, because I wasn't aware of what was happening, to see the effect that that it had on these guys was pretty tough.

"Yeah, there were lots of moments through the movie where we saw a side of each other that we don't often share with each other... because we don't sit around and ask each other questions that people will ask in interviews. So to see how we reacted to things over the years was really quite interesting."

He jokingly added, "It's nice to get to know you guys, finally."

Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles is available to stream on Prime Video now.

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